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English Vocab

1. Piquant (adj): Sharp and pleasantly stimulating to the mind or senses. (चटपटा, सरस)
Synonyms: Spicy, Pungent, Salty, Savoury
Antonyms: Insipid, Zestless, Bland

Example: The piquant cuisine of India boasts some highly spiced dishes.
2. Extrapolate (verb): To guess or think about what might happen using information that is already known: (वाग्विस्तार,  बहिर्वेशन करना)
Synonyms: Infer, Generalize, Interpolate, Guess, Assume, Project
Example: Speaking about global warming, she said that time periods of 15 and even 30 years are too brief to extrapolate changes in climate patterns.
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3. Ramification (noun): A complex or unwelcome consequence of an action or event. (जटिलता, परिणाम)
Synonyms: Consequence, Result, Aftermath, Outcome, Effect
Example: Have you considered all the ramifications of your decision?
4. Impunity (noun): Exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action. (दण्ड मुक्ति)
Synonyms: Immunity, Indemnity, Amnesty, Exemption
Antonyms: Incarceration, Imprisonment,  Susceptibility
Example: You cannot flout a law with impunity.
5. Contemporary (adj): Belonging to or occurring in the present. (आधुनिक, हाल का)
Synonyms: Modern, Present, Current, Extant
Antonyms: Old, Past, Antiquated, Obsolete
ExampleContemporary medicine is much more effective than the medicines produced twenty years ago.
6. Ensconce (verb): To put into a hiding place. (छिपाना)
Synonyms: Conceal, Hide, Entrench, Disguise
Antonyms: Uncover, Reveal, Unveil, Expose
Example: I ensconced  the spare house key in a place where no intruder would think to look.
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7. Transmute (verb): Change in form, nature, or substance. (बदल देना)
Synonyms: Mutate, Alter, Change, Transpose, Alchemize
Example: After years of therapy, the woman was able to transmute her negative thoughts into positive ones.
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8. Daunting (adj): Seeming difficult to deal with in prospect. (कठिन, भयभीत करने वाला)
Synonyms: Formidable, Disconcerting, Intimidating, Fearsome
Antonyms: Emboldening, Encouraging, Heartening
Example: A daunting task.
9. Meander (verb): To move about from place to place aimlessly. (दिशाहीन घूमना)
Synonyms: Ramble, Wander, Roam, Stroll
 Example: Theatregoers  are meandering around the lobby waiting for the play to start.
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10. Gory (adj): Involving or showing violence and bloodshed. (रक्तमय)
Synonyms: Sanguinary, Slaughterous, Ghastly, Grisly
Antonyms: Pleasing, Delightful, Charming
Example:  I’m afraid most operations look pretty gory.
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