English Vocab

1. Interlude (adj): A short period of time that comes in the middle of an event or situation. (अन्तराल, मध्यांतर)
Synonyms: Hiatus, Pause, Intermission, Interstice, Interval

Antonyms: Continuum, Stretch, Progression, Continuation
Example: We came out of the theatre during the short interlude to purchase something to eat.
2. Fester (verb): To become infected and form pus. (सड़ना, घाव पकना)
Synonyms: Suppurate, Rankle, Rot, Moulder, Decay, Putrefy
Antonyms: Heal, Improve, Mend, Alleviate
Example: The wound became inflamed and festered.
Related: festered, festered
3. Blatant (adj): (of bad behaviour) done openly and unashamedly. (खुल्लम-खुल्ला, निर्लज)
Synonyms: Flagrant, Glaring, Deliberate, Unabashed, Brazen
Antonyms: Inconspicuous, Unnoticeable, Concealed, Hidden
Example: He has a blatant disregard for the rules. 
4. The wheel has come full circle (idiom): The situation or circumstance has returned to its original or a similar state. (मूल स्थिति में लौटना)
Synonyms: Beginning, Return, Inception, Origin
ExampleThe wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
5. Unprecedented (adj): If something is unprecedented, it has never happened before. (अपूर्व, अभूतपूर्व)
Synonyms: Unparalleled, Unequalled, Unmatched, Unrivalled, Pioneering
Antonyms: Familiar, Hackneyed, Old
Example:  Unemployment has reached an unprecedented level.
6. Sordid (noun): Involving immoral or dishonourable actions and motives. (घिनौना, अनैतिक, गन्दा)
Synonyms: Detestable, Dirty, Execrable, Ignoble, Ignominious
Antonyms: Ethical, Principled, Scrupulous, Venerable, Virtuous
Example: A sordid affair involving bribery and corruption in high places.
7. Vitiate (verb): Spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of. (भ्रष्ट करना, बिगाड़ना, ख़राब करना)
Synonyms: Spoil, Besmirch, Debase, Deprave, Debauch
Antonyms: Dignify, Ennoble, Enshrine, Hallow
Example: While some public servants are found to be corrupt, it is impossible to vitiate the integrity of the majority of law enforcement officers by offering them a bribe.
Related: Vitiated, Vitiated
8. Tacit (adj): Understood or implied without being stated. (अनकहा, मौन, अल्पभाषी)
Synonyms: Implicit, Implied, Inferred, Understood, Unspoken
Antonyms: Explicit, Stated, Expressed, Spoken
Example: We have a tacit agreement that if I wash the dishes, she dries them and puts them away.
9. Unsavoury (adj): Disagreeable to taste, smell, or look at. (बेस्वाद, नीरस)
Synonyms: Unpalatable, Repugnant, Unappetizing, Unappealing
Antonyms: Tasty, Savoury,Delicious, Pleasing
Example: The porridge looked unsavoury but the taste was quite delectable.   
10. Huddle (noun): A close grouping of people or things. (भीड़-भाड़, झुण्ड)
Synonyms: Crowd, Gathering, Flock, Herd, Swarm
Antonyms: Entity, Item, Single, Unit
Example: A small group of people stood in a huddle at the bus stop.
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