SSC CGL & MTS Quiz : English Language

Q1-5 In the question below out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence.

Q1 One who assumes name or title or someone else for deceiving others

A. Cheat

B. Plagiarist

C. Imposter

D. Politician

Q2 Incapable of being burnt

A. Incombustible

B. Impracticable

C. Incredible

D. Insolent

Q3 One who dies without a Will

A. Insurmountable

B. Gratis

C. Hypocrite

D. Intestate

Q4 An abnormal desire to steal

A. Locust

B. Loquacious

C. Kleptomania

D. Indecent

Q5 Morning prayer in Church

A. Matins

B. Martyr

C. Manuscript

D. Maxim

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

The shooting of a man-eating tiger, as it happened recently in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu — barely two weeks after two other tigers preyed on four people in neighbouring Karnataka — invariably polarises public opinion. Locals, whose lives are at risk, want maneaters shot. Animal lovers, on the other hand, demand their “safe capture.” Caught in the middle, officials have to confront increasingly angry mobs, while authorities in Delhi insist on elaborate “operating procedures.” In Bandipur, Karnataka, after dozens of attempts at darting a tiger with a tranquillizing gun had failed, and after the big cat killed its third victim, angry locals burnt the forest office, forcing forest staff to abandon the scene. A posse of armed police had to control the situation, until the 12-year-old infirm male tiger was finally darted. Science and practical experience clearly show that we cannot care for every individual wild tiger. Animal lovers and conservationists should therefore focus on saving the species as a whole, rather than worry about saving every individual. Conservation interventions must therefore be guided by scientific evidence and social practicality, rather than emotion.

Q6 What is meant by the word ‘polarises’?

A. contradicts

B. suggests

C. demands

D. suffices

Q7 What is the appeal of the author to animal lovers?

A. The author asks them to change the methods of preserving the animals.

B. The author specifies the ways to protect humans against the beasts

C. The author wants them to save the whole species and not just one tiger.

D. Both A and C

Q8 Why do the locals want the tiger dead?

A. Their lives are at risks from these tigers.

B. The Tigers had killed four people in neighbouring Karnataka.

C. Both A and B

D. They want to use their skin for making various products.

Q9 In which area was a man-eating tiger recently shot?

A. Karnataka

B. Nilgiris

C. Bandipur

D. Gujarat

Q10 When did the locals burn the forest office?

A. When attempts at darting a tiger with a tranquillizing gun had failed

B. After the tiger killed its third victim

C. After the 12-year-old infirm male tiger was darted

D. Both A and B


Q.1 (C)

Q.2 (A)

Q.3 (D)

Q.4 (C)

Q.5 (A)

Q.6 (A)

Q.7 (C)

Q.8 (C)

Q.9 (B)

Q.10 (D)
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