SSC CGL & MTS Quiz : English Language

 1-3. In the question given below, a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed your answer is (D).

1 The officer did not regretted his handing of very famous case.

A. handle of

B. handing off

C. handings down

D. No Improvement

2 My on weakness was investigation and interrogation.

A. merely weakness

B. severely weakness

C. only weakness

D. No Improvement

3 Five of the six left parties that have decided too join hands to contest, declared their candidates.

A. to joined hands to

B. to joining hands to

C. to join hands to

D. No Improvement

4-5. In the following question a sentence is given with a blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for this question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and mark your answer.

4 Just a day after the political ____ of the new leader, talks gathered momentum in the party circle.

A. begin

B. starter

C. launch

D. nascent

5 An Indian origin woman IT Professional in Australia was critically injured in a ____ incident in Melbourne.

A. death

B. venomous

C. deadly

D. frivolous

6-10. In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given and mark your answer.

We all have read the story of two friends and a bear. Once two friends were passing through a (A) forest. All of a sudden, a bear came out of its cave. It began to grunt, both felt terrified the fair-weather friend ran (B) and climbed up a tall tree. The other laid himself on the ground and pretended to the dead. The bear came and (C) him. He (D) him for dead and went away. Now the fair-weather friend climbed down the tree and said to his friend. “What did the bear whisper into your ears?” He answered that the bear had advised him to beware of fair-weather friends. They were more dangerous than snakes. A true friend, on the other hand, is the medicine of life. He stands by as in scarcity and woe, thick & thin. A true friend (E) his own pleasure and convenience for the sake of his friend.

6 Choose the correct option for (A).

A. dense

B. volatile

C. ferocious

D. biggest

7 Choose the correct option for (B).

A. hard

B. quick

C. toward

D. for

8 Choose the correct option for (C).

A. sniffed

B. tested

C. approached

D. reached

9 Choose the correct option for (D).

A. took

B. felt

C. found

D. made

10 Choose the correct option for (E).

A. forgo

B. discards

C. leave

D. abandons


Q.1 (d)

Q.2 (c)

Q.3 (c)

Q.4 (c)

Q.5 (c)

Q.6 (a)

Q.7 (a)

Q.8 (a)

Q.9 (a)

Q.10 (d)

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