English Language Quiz For IBPS & SBI Exam

1-5. Rearrange the following sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them. 

A. To turn every square foot into a living area leaving little space for natural air to flow and flora to bloom. 

B. there seems little awareness about green housing as every year the World Environment Day comes and goes 

C. The recent decision of the Union Government to develop smart cities encompassing advanced infrastructure and sustainable real estate hopes to offer some relief from the ill-effects of failed planning. 

D. And almost like a drill concerns about deteriorating state of affairs of our habitat are aired. 

E. Glass continues to be their favourite material increasing the cost of air conditioning and with many consumers going for looks rather than functionality, 

F. On the ground though, we still see real estate giants competing with each other 

1 Which of the following should be the ‘FIRST’ statement? 

01. D 

02. E 

03. A 

04. B 

05. C 

2 Which of the following should be the ‘SECOND’ statement? 

01. A 

02. E 

03. C 

04. D 

05. F 

3 Which of the following should be the ‘THIRD’ statement? 

01. B 

02. A 

03. C 

04. F 

05. E 

4 Which of the following should be the ‘FOURTH’ statement? 

01. C 

02. D 

03. A 

04. E 

05. B 

5 Which of the following should be the ‘LAST’ statement? 

01. C 

02. D 

03. B 

04. F 

05. E 

6-10. In the following question, a sentence with four words in bold type is given. One of these four words given in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate if any. The number of that word is your answer. If all the words given in bold are correctly spelt & also appropriate in the context of the sentence, mark (5) "All correct" as your answer. 

6 The vidow of the slain clerk had lodged a complaint seeking a CBI probe. 

01. vidow 

02. lodged 

03. complaint 

04. probe 

05. All correct 

7 To a certain extent we should incorporate the logical or practical method of evaluate students and grading them. 

01. extent 

02. incorporate 

03. evaluate 

04. grading 

05. All correct 

8 The hilight of the training programmes is exposure to prepare value-added products from the coconut. 

01. hilight 

02. training 

03. exposure 

04. value-added 

05. All correct 

9 The lecturers get tired of teaching the same old mundane topics which are only theoretical directed. 

01. lecturers 

02. tired 

03. mundane 

04. theoretical 

05. All correct 

10 Opening the library would help the children gain access to the study material. 

01. Opening 

02. gain 

03. access 

04. material 

05. All correct 

Answers :-

Q.1 (5) 

Q.2 (5) 

Q.3 (2) 

Q.4 (4) 

Q.5 (2) 

Q.6 (1) 

Q.7 (3) 

Q.8 (1) 

Q.9 (4) 

Q.10 (5)
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