English Quiz

Directions (1-10):  Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.  
1)  The court’s unanimous verdict, rendered in two concurring orders by a three-judge Bench, means that review petitions filed against earlier orders declining an investigation into the purchase of Rafale jets will now be taken up on merits and that the petitioners are free to rely on these documents, regardless of their _____________.

a) originate
b) exploration
c) existence
d) providence
e) provenance
2) The government’s desperate attempts to prevent the court from ____________ on these papers included a claim of privilege under the Evidence Act, a threat of invoking the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and an accusation that the published documents were “stolen” ones.
a) replying
b) depends
c) relying
d) trusted
e) revoking
3) The scale and fiery _____________were clearly aimed at forcing the momentum as western U.P. constituencies go to the polls on April 11, in the first of a seven-phase parliamentary election in the State.
a) rhetoric
b) delivering
c) eloquent
d) persuasive
e) manifest
4)  Ms. Mayawati is an icon of Dalit empowerment, and since the 1990s has often been deft in __________ social alliances around her core vote.
a) construct
b) building
c) demolishing
d) garner
e) collect
5) The government’s deliberations over a withdrawal had been held ____________ by the English nationalists among the Conservative party who demand an exit sans an agreement.
a) banished
b) arrested
c) captivated
d) handled
e) hostage
6) The government had opposed these moves, initiated by Conservative and Labour MPs in recent parliamentary votes. In a bold but risky ___________, Ms. May began talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to help break the deadlock.
a) deadlock
b) question
c) gambit
d) probability
e) future
7) The prevailing state of chaos and confusion, almost three years after the 2016 referendum, has caused ____________ frustration among businesses and people.
a) maximum
b) possible
c) immense
d) minor
e) iota
8) Although the court concluded that the commission’s functioning has not been ____________by bias, it has voiced apprehension about some aspects.
a) contrive
b) formulate
c) mitigate
d) vitiated
e) mollify
9) The appointment of the commission of inquiry itself was a political move. It is true that there was _____________ about the nature of Jayalalithaa’s illness and some public misgivings about the adequacy of the treatment given to her.
a) speculation
b) observation
c) observing
d) discussion
e) conversation
10) The Tamil Nadu government ordered the inquiry as part of a political compromise under which a ____________ probe was made a pre-condition for the merger of two factions of the ruling AIADMK.
a) judicial
b) unofficial
c) corporal
d) scientific
e) abdicate
Answers :
Direction (1-10) :
1) Answer: e)
Provenance means the place of origin or earliest known history of something. Only e) is suitable.
2) Answer: c)
‘Relying’ means to depend on. Option b) is not correct here since it should be ‘depending’ instead of ‘depends’.
3) Answer: a)
Eloquent would come close, but it should be the noun form of the word- eloquence.
4) Answer: b)
Option c) cannot be suitable here with respect to the context. Option a) is not suitable since we cannot use ‘in construct’, instead we should use ‘to construct’.
5) Answer: e)
Hostage means a  person seized or held as security for the fulfilment of a condition.
6) Answer: c)
Gambit means an act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, option c) is suitable.
7) Answer: c)
Out of given options a) and c) , only option c) is correct here. Iota means little bit of.
8) Answer: d)
Vitiate means to spoil or to impair the quality of , both mitigate and mollify mean to reduce or diminish.
9) Answer: a)
Speculation means supposition formation of a theory. With respect to the context, only a) is suitable.
10) Answer: a)
Abdicate means to renounce or retire from an official post. Option a) is most suitable here.

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