English Quiz

Directions (1-10): Answer the following questions by filling in both the blanks.

1)  In a major embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party, a Gujarat BJP MLA threatens illegal residents of his constituency during a public meeting. The Waghodia BJP MLA Madhu Shrivastava ____________voters video of which went viral on social media. The BJP MLA threatens that he would fix voters staying _____________ in the constituency if BJP did not get votes.

a) ordered , legally
b) threatened, permanent
c) orders, rightfully
d) requested, immorally
e) threatens , illegally

2) Dutch investigators have alleged that an estimated $1.1 billion in profits earned by Dutch pipeline firm A Hak NL, through over-invoicing services and works ____________to Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd, were “creamed off” to Singapore-based Biometrix Marketing Ltd, a company they claim is allegedly ____________to Reliance.
a) rendered , linked
b) offered, allowed
c) offers, dominated
d) tampered , delivered
e) renders, delivered

3) The apex court ____________the February 12, 2018 RBI circular Tuesday has created widespread concerns on the future of stressed assets resolutions and the likely delays towards the same, apart from also ____________on the gains made on credit discipline in the last one year or so.
a) supressing, reversing
b) withheld, revolting
c) withholding, supporting
d) abolishing, formulating
e) quashing , reversing

4)  The Reserve Bank Thursday asserted that the Supreme Court quashing its stressed asset resolution circular does not ___________its powers to get debt resolutions carried out, and _____________that it will come out with a revised set of rules shortly.
a) diminish, announce
b) curtail ,announced
c) magnify, addressed
d) curtailed, blurted
e) subsume, announce

5) A federal judge had asked for a plan to identify these children and their families after a report from government inspectors in January _____________that the Trump administration most likely separated thousands of more children from their parents than was previously _____________.
a) revealed , believed
b) unveiled, trusted
c) reveals, believed
d) believed, revealed
e) hidden, believed

6) In explaining the reason for such an __________process, the government said US Customs and Border Protection did not collect specific data on migrant family __________before April 2018.
a) separations, laborious
b) abnormal, customs
c) onerous, divided
d) arduous , separations
e) laborious, separated

7) ____________an election rally in Cooch Behar Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee saying that she is losing political ___________in the state and therefore losing sleep.
a) Regarding, grounds
b) Addressed, motif
c) Addressing , ground
d) Regarding, vendetta
e) Demanding, feud

8)  Solih defeated Yameen last year, giving new hope to the young democracy that has gone through a ____________transition that threatened to drag the Maldives back to its autocratic past. Yameen had ___________freedom of speech and jailed his political rivals.
a) sailing, demanded
b) harderned, curtails
c) disturbing, allowed
d) turbulence, captived
e) tumultuous , curtailed

 9)  Solih was only a ____________ choice as president for his party because charismatic former President Mohamed Nasheed had been ____________to prison under Yameen and was ineligible to run.
a) fallback , sentenced
b) emerging, sent
c) emergency, given
d) falldown, sentenced
e) suitable, punished

10)  It was the first march Guaido has led since Maduro loyalists _________him of legal protections he’s granted as a congressman, opening a path to prosecute and possibly arrest him for allegedly ___________ the constitution.
a) stripped, upholding
b) rewarded, regarding
c) honored, withholding
d) cut, violence
e) stripped, violating
Directions (1-10):
1) Answer:  e)
threatens ,  illegally
The sentence has a negative undertone, which implies a) and c) are eliminated. e) has the right combination.
2) Answer: a)
rendered , linked
c) and e) make no sense as the sentence is in past perfect. So a) is correct.
3) Answer: e)
quashing , reversing
Quashing means put an end to. Out of d) and e), option e) is correct.
4) Answer: b)
curtail ,announced
Curtail means to put a restriction on something or someone.
5) Answer: a)
revealed , believed
Option a) has the correct combination.
6) Answer: d)
arduous , separations
Arduous, Onerous, and laborious mean strenuous or burdernsome.
7) Answer: c)
Addressing , ground
Only c) is a suitable option. All other options are incompatible.
8) Answer: e)
tumultuous ,  curtailed
Tumultuous  means turbulent and intense. Out of d) and e), option e) is correct as d) has the noun form of turbulent.
9) Answer: a)
fallback , sentenced
Fallback means an emergency situation.
10) Answer: e)
stripped,  violating
Clearly, it has a negative undertone, so option e) is correct.

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