English Vocab

1. Whopping (adjective) : (Extremely large, impressive) (बहुत बड़ा, विपुल)
Synonyms: Gargantuan, Gigantic, Enormous, Massive, Colossal, Tremendous, Prodigious
Antonyms: Tiny, Diminutive, Infinitesimal, Dinky, Bitty

Example: The company made a whopping 75 million dollar loss.
Verb forms: Whop, Whopped, Whopped
Related words: Whopping (adverb) whopper (noun)

2. Tantamount (adjective) : (Equivalent in value, significance, or effect) (समान, बराबर, समकक्ष, अनुरूप)
Synonyms: Equivalent, Alike, Identical, Indistinguishable, Corresponding, Commensurate
Antonyms: Diverse, Different, Contrasting, Antithetic, Contradictory, Conflicting
Example: His angry speech was tantamount to a declaration of war.

3. Insurgency (noun) : (A usually violent attempt to take control of a government : a rebellion or uprising) (विद्रोह, विप्लव, बग़ावत)
Synonyms: Rebellion, Insurrection, Mutiny, Outbreak, Revolt, Revolution, Sedition,
Antonyms: Compliance, Counterrevolution, Submission, Counterinsurgency, Pacification
Example: After taking up arms against his government, the man knew he would forever be an insurgent.
Related words: Insurgent (adjective) Insurgent (noun)

4. Intractable (adjective) : (Not easily governed, managed, or directed.) (नियंत्रण से बाहर, बेक़ाबू)
Synonyms: Stubborn, Refractory, Obstinate, Unmanageable, Recalcitrant, Uncontrolled,
Antonyms: Docile, Tractable, Manageable, Controllable
Example: Additional police officers were called to the scene when the crowd becameintractable.
Related words: Intractability (noun) Intractably (adverb)

5. Progenitor (noun) : (Who originates a cultural or intellectual movement.) (जनक, आरंभक, पहल करनेवाला)      
Synonyms: Precursor, Primogenitor, Creator, Originator, Founder, Instigator
Antonyms: Descendant, Progeny, Scion, Inheritor, Beneficiary
Example: Some scientists suggest that because we share similar DNA, the human’s closest progenitor is chimpanzee.
Related words: Progenitorial (adjective) Progenitorship, (noun)

6. Consternation (noun) : (A strong feeling of surprise or sudden disappointment that causes confusion) (सनसनी, चिंता या निराशा की भावनाएं)
Synonyms: Dismay, Perturbation, Anxiety, Disquietude, Angst, Trepidation, Stupefaction`
Antonyms: Composure, Calmness, Tranquility, Serenity, Contentment
Example: This guideline caused consternation among representatives of these companies in these regions.
Verb forms: Consternate, Consternated, Consternated
Related words: Unconsternated (adjective)

7. Subservient (adjective) : (Prepared to obey others unquestioningly.) (अधीन, सहायक, अनुसेवी)
Synonyms: Submissive, Deferential, Obsequious, Accommodating, Dutiful, Servile
Antonyms: Domineering, Independent, Adamant, Contumacious
Example: In the movie, you will play the role of a subservient son who never talks back to his father.
Verb forms: Subserve, Subserved, Subserved
Related words: subserve (verb) (help to further or promote), आगे बढ़ाना, सहायक होना
Subservience, Subserviency (noun) Subserviently (adverb)

8. Dread (noun) : (Regarded with great fear or apprehension.) (भय या आशंका, डरावना)
Synonyms: Terror, Apprehension, Panic, Horrendous, Frightful, Trepidation
Antonyms: Confidence, Sanguine, Anticipation, Excitement, Hope, Optimism
Example: The extremely shy speaker was filled with dread as she stepped in front of the microphone.
Verb forms: Dread, Dreaded, Dreaded
Related words: Dreadable, Dreaded (adjective) Dreadness, Dread (noun)

9. Intrigue (noun) : (A complex scheme devised to gain something in a sneaky way) (साज़िश, षड्‍यंत्र)
Synonyms: Conspiracy, Machination, Fascinate, Connivance, Treachery
Antonyms: Righteousness, Reliability, Loyalty, Allegiance, Fidelity
Example: As a spy, Amar is constantly dealing with one intrigue after another in hopes of keeping his country safe.
Verb forms: Intrigue, Intrigued, Intrigued
Related words: Intriguer (noun) Intriguingly, (adverb) Unintrigued, (adjective)

10. Pander (verb) : (To do or provide what someone wants or demands even though it is not proper, good, or reasonable) (बढ़ावा देना, लंपटता में सहायता देना, बुरे कार्यों में सहायता करने वाला)
Synonyms: Pimp, Deceptive, Fallacious, Illusory, Treacherous, Delusive, Devious
Antonyms: Honest, Plainspoken, Authentic, Outspoken, Ingenuous, Guileless
Example: I hate reality shows because I believe they pander to people who enjoy watching immoral activities.
Verb forms: Pander, Pandered Pandered
Related words: Panderage, Panderism, Panderer (noun) Panderingly, (adverb) Panderly, (adjective)

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