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War For War: On U.S. Strikes On Syria

With missile strikes, the United States has irresponsibly escalated the Syrian conflict.
By launching a missile attack on Syria, U.S. President Donald Trump has made goodon (to do what you have said you would do) his threat to use force if chemical weapons are used in the civil war-stricken country, but he has also escalated (to make or become greater or more serious) the devastating, multi-sided conflict. This is the second time Mr. Trump has ordered a missile attack on Syria. Last year, after a chemical attack in Idlib province, the U.S. fired 59 cruise missiles at an airbase of President Bashar al-Assad. This time, after a suspected chemical attack in Douma near Damascus, the
U.K. and France joined hands with the U.S. to punish Mr. Assad’s regime. On Friday night, over 100 missiles targeted three regime facilities; with this, the Pentagon said, Syria’s chemical weapons programme has been gutted (extremely disappointed and unhappy). While the use of chemical agents against civilians cannot and must not go unpunished, the manner in which the U.S. and its allies have acted raises serious questions. The U.S. undertook the strike before the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons even began its investigation in Douma to ascertain if chemical weapons had in fact been used. It should have waited till the inter-governmental watchdog (a group that watches the activities of a particular part of government in order to report illegal acts or problems)completed its investigation and then presented the case for action in the UN Security Council with requisite evidence. By acting merely on the basis of inputs from their intelligence agencies, the U.S.-led alliance flouted (to intentionally not obey a rule, law, or custom) international law.
It is also doubtful if Mr. Trump’s “mission accomplished” bravado (a pretentious, swaggering display of courage) is justified. The fact that a provocation was perceived for a second strike within a year suggests that the first one failed to deter (to prevent or discourage someone from doing something) the Assad regime. On the other hand, Mr. Trump has dragged the U.S. deeper into the Syrian civil war. If there is a future chemical attack, either by Mr. Assad or by his rivals, the U.S. will be forced to act again, perhaps more harshly. Worryingly, every time the U.S. bombs Syria, the chances of a military confrontation (an argument or fight) in the country between the U.S. and Russia heighten, given that Moscow remains firmly behind Mr. Assad. What Syrians need is not more bombs and missiles, but an end to the war, which has killed at least 400,000 people in seven years. There is no dispute that Mr. Assad is presiding over a monstrous military machine that has used brute (great physical force or strength) force against his own people. But the ground reality in Syria is so complex that a sudden collapse of the regime would push the country and the millions who live in relative stability in regime-held territories into further misery. That is the last thing anyone wants. The focus of the West needs to shift from unilateral military action to aggressive multilateral (having members or contributors from several groups, especially several different countries.diplomacy to find an immediate end to violence and then a long-lasting political solution. For that, the U.S. and Russia have to work together under a UN mandate. There is no other path to peace in Syria.
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1. Made good on something (idiom):To do what you have said you would do. (कर केदिखाना)
Synonyms: Come Through, Fulfil, Deliver
Example: My grandfather said he would pay for me to go to college, and he made good on that promise.
2. Escalate (verb): To make or become greater or more serious: (तेजी से वृद्धि)
Synonyms:  Heighten, Strengthen, Intensify, Accelerate
Antonyms: Plunge, Decline, Decrease, Diminish
Example: Sending in more troops would escalate the war.
3. Gutted (adjective): Extremely disappointed and unhappy. (निराश)
Synonyms: Devastated, Heart-Broken, Disappointed, Inconsolable
AntonymsPleased, Successful
Example: He was gutted when she finished the relationship.
4. Watchdog (noun): A group that watches the activities of a particular part of government in order to report illegal acts or problems: (निगरानी रखने वाला)
SynonymsOmbudsman, Monitor, Scrutineer, Inspector, Observer, Supervisor,
Antonyms: Prisoner
Example: The government act as a independent watchdog over government spending.
5. Flout (verb): To intentionally not obey a rule, law, or custom: (उल्लंघन करना)
Synonyms: Ignore, Disregard, Despise , Neglect, Defy Violate
Antonyms: Obey, Approve, Observe
Example: Many motorcyclists flout the law by not wearing helmets.
6. Bravado (noun): A pretentious, swaggering display of courage. (साहस प्रदर्शन)
Synonyms: Boasting, Bombast, Bragging, Swagger, Machismo
Antonyms: Modesty, Cowardice, Bashfulness
Example: Picasso, with his polkadot shirt and clashing tie attempted an air of bravado, but lost confidence by the minute.
7. Deter (verb): To prevent or discourage someone from doing something. (रोकना)
Synonyms: Prevent, Stop, Dissuade, Impede, Hinder, Restrain
Antonyms: Encourage, Advance, Instigate, Incite, Facilitate
Example: High prices are deterring a lot of young couples from buying houses
8. Confrontation (noun): An argument or fight: (आमना-सामना)
Synonyms: Conflict, Clash, Brush, Fight, Battle, Contest, Encounter,
Antonyms: Concord, Harmony, Peace, Agreement
Example: I had a confrontation this morning with my boss
9. Brute (adjective): Great physical force or strength. (कठोर)
Synonyms: Atrocious, Barbarous, Brutal, Beastly, Bestial
Antonyms: Tender, Warm-Hearted, Humane, Merciful
Example: In the end she used brute force to push him out.
10. Multilateral (adjective): Having members or contributors from several groups, especially several different countries. (बहुपक्षीय)
Synonyms: Many-Sided, Multidimensional, Multifaceted
Antonyms: Unilateral,  One-Sided, Separate, Independent
Example: Seven countries are taking part in the multilateral talks.
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