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A Fresh Deadline: On Framing Cauvery Scheme
Devise a viable Cauvery scheme soon, stop disruptive protests.
The Centre cannot continue to evade its legal obligation to create a mechanism to implement the Supreme Court’s final verdict in the Cauvery dispute. This was the broad message conveyed by the court on Monday when it admonished (to scold; to warn strongly) the government for failing to frame a scheme within the six-week time limit given earlier. For the Centre, it was embarrassing to be asked to demonstrate its bona fides (a person's honesty and sincerity of intention/documentary evidence showing that a person is what they claim to be
; credentials) by submitting a draft scheme for the court’s consideration by May 3. The court’s frustration was evident, as the Bench headed by the Chief Justice of India was surprised and disappointed that the Centre had not put a scheme in place or sought an early clarification. It is obvious that a decree on the sharing of water requires a mechanism to give effect to it. It is an evasion of responsibility on the Centre’s part to set off (to start a journey, or to start going in a particular direction/ to cause something to operate, especially by accident/ to make something explode) a round of litigation (the process of taking legal action) just to determine the nature of such a mechanism. At the same time, it is easy to understand the reluctance (unwillingness or disinclination to do something) of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the Centre. It clearly fears that framing a scheme may adversely affect its prospects in Karnataka, which goes to the polls next month. In the conflict between duty and electoral considerations, the BJP has chosen the latter.
It is a matter of satisfaction that the apex court has indicated that it will pass a binding ((of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken) order soon. The Centre should redeem itself by complying with the latest order. Meanwhile, the ambiguity over whether ‘scheme’ refers to or differs from the ‘Cauvery Management Board’ envisaged in the Cauvery Tribunal’s order has caused greatdisquiet (a feeling of worry and anxiety) in Tamil Nadu. This raises the question whether the court should have allowed an element of ambiguity in its judgment by referring to a ‘scheme’, while not expressly modifying the portion of the Tribunal’s order that talks of a ‘Cauvery Management Board’ and a ‘Cauvery Water Regulation Committee’. This is why even the court’s appeal for peace has not assuaged (to provide relief; causing to feel better) sentiments in Tamil Nadu, where tempers aresoaring (to rise high, increase rapidly above the usual level) in some quarters. Unfortunately, a fringe has taken centre stage, focussing almost their entire protest on the Indian Premier League tournament. As a political tactic, threatening a hugely popular cricket tournament is bound to attract national attention. If this is what some of the protestors wanted, then they have succeeded in their objective, even if this has come at the cost of some disruption. However, targeting the IPL is irrational (devoid of reason, not logical or reasonable). If the premise is that fun and entertainment are inappropriate in this time of crisis, why pick on one tournament alone? Moreover, IPL matches have nothing to do with the Cauvery dispute; more importantly, they have nothing to with either the Centre or the State. Choosing a soft target may bring high visibility, but it makes no sense to mix a serious inter-State dispute with sport and entertainment — certainly not in a disruptive and violent manner.
Courtesy-The Hindu (National)
1. Reluctance (noun): (Unwillingness or disinclination to do something.) (अनिच्छा)
Synonyms: Unwillingness, Disinclination, Hesitation, Diffidence, Timidity, Timorousness, Trepidation
Antonyms: Willingness, Eagerness
Example: Ministers have shown extreme reluctance to explain their points to the media.
2. Assuage (verb): (To provide relief; causing to feel better) (शांत करना)
Synonyms: Alleviate, Mitigate/Reduce, Relieve.
Antonyms: Aggravate, Provoke, Exacerbate, Intensify
Example: In an effort to assuage angry customers, the store issued everyone a full refund.
Verb forms: Assuage, Assuaged, Assuaged
Related words: Assuagement, Assuager (noun)
3. Irrational (adjective): (Devoid of reason, not logical or reasonable.) (तर्कहीन)
Synonyms: Unreasonable, Illogical, Groundless, Baseless, Unfounded, Unjustifiable
Antonyms: Rational, Logical
Example: Arachnophobia is known as an irrational fear of spiders.
Related words: Irrationally (adverb) Irrationalness (noun)
4. Soar (verb): (To rise high, increase rapidly above the usual level) (ऊंची उड़ान भरना)
Synonyms: Escalate, Surge, Mount
Antonyms: Plummet, Plunge, Drop, Dive
Example: The number of unemployment filings began to soar after the company layoffs began.
Verb forms: Soar, Soared, Soared
Related words: Soarer (noun) Soaringly (adverb)
5. Binding (noun): ((Of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken.) (अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: Irrevocable, Unalterable, Mandatory/Compulsory.
Antonyms: Reversible, Temporary
Example: The parties agreed to settle the dispute through binding arbitration.
Verb forms: Bind, Binded, Binded
Related words: Bindingly, (adverb)
6. Admonish (verb): (To scold; to warn strongly) (धिक्कारना)
Synonyms: Reprimand, Rebuke, Scold, Reprove, Upbraid
Antonyms: Praise, Commend, Applaud
Example: The teacher would admonish students for repeatedly forgetting the lines.
Verb forms: Admonish, Admonished, Admonished
Related words: Admonisher (noun) Admonishingly (adverb)
7. Bona fides (noun): (A person's honesty and sincerity of intention/documentary evidence showing that a person is what they claim to be; credentials.) (नेकनीयती)
Synonyms: Authentic, Genuine, Real, True, Actual, Sterling
Antonyms: Fake, Bogus
Example: To make sure you are a bona fide buyer, the real estate agent will check your credit before allowing you to view the house.
8. Disquiet (adjective): (A feeling of worry and anxiety) (बेचैनी)
Synonyms: Unease, Uneasiness, Worry, Anxiety, Anxiousness, Distress, Concern
Antonyms: Calm, Cool, Tranquil
Example: The novel is a tense thriller that will disquiet the reader.
Verb forms: Disquiet, Disquieted, Disquieted
Related words: Disquietly (adverb) Disquietedness (noun)
9. Set off (phrasal verb): (To start a journey, or to start going in a particular direction/ to cause something to operate, especially by accident/ to make something explode) (चल पड़ना)
Synonyms: Start, Begin, Initiate
Antonyms: Finish, End, Stop
Example: The President's envoy set off on another diplomatic trip.
10. Litigation (noun): (The process of taking legal action.) (मुकदमेबाज़ी)
Synonyms: Lawsuit, Exordium, Judicial Proceeding
Example: The threat of litigation can be a deciding factor in some business decisions.
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