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The Labour Party’s surprise announcement that Britain should continue in the European single market, at least for some time after the March 2019 Brexit deadline, reflects the late dawning(सबेराहोना/आरंभ होना/उदय) ofrealism(यथार्थवाद) over disengaging(छुड़ाना/मुक्त करना) with the European
Union. It implies an acceptance of the principle of free movement of people from the bloc, a contentious(विवाद-ग्रस्त/विवादपूर्ण) issue that hadalienated(अलग-थलग/विमुखकरना) the opposition party’s core support base during the 2016referendum(जनमतसंग्रह). Equally significant is the ruling Conservative Party’s sudden acceptance of the possibility that the European Court of Justice may still have a role after Britain’s exit from the EU. Independence from the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg court had all along been equated(बराबर मानना) with the assertion(दावा/दृढ़-वचन) of national sovereignty(संप्रभुता/साम्राज्य) by the Leave campaign. This hard line was also the centrepiece of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Lancaster House address in January. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, astaunch(निष्ठावान/दृढनिश्चयी) Brexiter, has also made a striking(आश्चर्यजनक/ध्यान आकर्षित करनेवाली) departure. Last month he made news with his “go whistle” comment to European leaders over London’s outstanding dues, but has since said that as a law-abiding(कानून का पाबंद) country Britain would indeed(अवश्य ही/वास्तव में) pay its bills. There are thus good chances that Eurosceptics in both the parties will be further isolated(अलगरखना/पृथककरना)within and outside Parliament, allowing divisions between the U.K. and EU negotiating positions to be narrowed. The bottomline(आधार-रेखा) for Brussels is to ensure that Britain’s exit does not set a precedent(पूर्ववर्ती/पूर्व उदाहरण/मिसाल). A necessary implication of this premise is that the terms of a future partnership would be vastlyinferior(घटिया/तुच्छ/अधीनस्थ) in comparison with the benefits of full membership. Conversely for Britain, to conform to a set of rules and regulations without a real voice in their formulation(निरूपण/सूत्रीकरण) would be far from an ideal arrangement.Also Read Brexit talks resume in Brussels  This late pragmatism(व्यवहारवाद/यथार्थवाद) does not detract(कलंकितहोना) from the contentious round of negotiations between the U.K. and the rest of the bloc. Brussels has, ever since the June 2016 referendum, insisted(दृढरहना/आग्रह करना) uponadherence(अनुपालन/अवलंबन/समर्थन) to a sequential process of unwinding the long partnership. The withdrawal agreement deduced from Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union entails(आवश्यक बना देना/अपेक्षाकरना) three distinct elements. It includes a decision on the status of British and EU migrants resident in their respective territories, the financial settlement of €60-100 billion, and reconfiguration of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Any meaningful negotiations on a future trade agreement between the two parties hinges(निर्भर होना/कब्ज़ा) on a resolution of these outstanding issues. Little progress has been achieved so far on many of these critical matters. The European Commission and some EU member-states have expressed concern that London is not doing enough to hasten(जल्दी करना) the process. The emerging shifts in the U.K.’s negotiating stance(अवस्थिति/मुद्रा) vis-a-vis the EU should be read against this overall backdrop.
1.Dawning(सबेराहोना/आरंभ होना/उदय)
Synonyms:- daybreak, arrive, emerge, sunup, penetrate
Synonyms:- pragmatism, platonism, naturalism, reality, realness
3.Disengaging(छुड़ाना/मुक्त करना)
Synonyms:- detach, extricate, separate, release, loosen
Synonyms:- combative, disputative, litigious, controversial, debatable
Synonyms:- estranged, anomic, disoriented, alone, disaffected
6.Striking(आश्चर्यजनक/ध्यान आकर्षित करनेवाली)
Synonyms:- impinging, outstanding, prominent, salient, spectacular
Synonyms:- adhesion, attachment, adhesiveness, bond, compliance


It was an epic(भव्य) final at badminton’s biggest stage, and it stood out as the finest advertisement for the women’s game. Two young title aspirants(उम्मीदवार/महत्वाकांक्षी) battled for 110 minutes before the gold at the World Badminton
Championships in Glasgow was decided by the narrowest of margins. P.V. Sindhu may not have come out victorious(विजयी/सफल) against the eventual(सम्भावित/अंतिम) champion, Nozomi Okuhara of Japan, but she won more hearts for her gallant(बहादुर) display of endurance(सहनशक्ति). In doing so, she further raised the profile of badminton and of women’s sport itself in India. A silver medal for Sindhu and a bronze for Saina Nehwal make this the most rewarding(पारितोषिक/लाभप्रद) Indian campaign in the premier championship. It was a formidable(दुर्जेय/भयानक) challenge that they offered going into the Glasgow championships, and both had been seen to be in the reckoning(अनुमान/गिनती) for the gold. That challenge is made sharper by the fact that Nehwal, the silver medallist in 2015, and Sindhu, the bronze medallist in 2013 and 2014, have been engaged in a silent battle of their own. This rivalry(मुकाबला/ बराबरी) is proving to be extremely beneficial for Indian badminton, providing the nucleus(केंद्र) for a cluster of excellence that is vital for any sport toflourish(सफल होना/संपन्न होना). Sindhu’s latest medal, to go with the Rio Olympics silver last year, has clearly taken her past Nehwal in terms of achievement in badminton’s two premier competitions — the Olympics and the World Championships. Given Nehwal’s famed never-say-die(हिम्म्त मत हारो) credo(सिद्धान्त और विश्वास), she is sure to try to reclaim her status. She had carried an injury to Rio and returned for an unavoidable(अनिवार्य/जिसे टाला न जा सके) knee surgery, and makes it a point to remind everyone that her recovery is still incomplete, and that she would be back at her best in upcoming competitions.Also Read Nowadays you have to fight for each point, says P.V. Sindhu  There is, in fact, potential for further improvement in the women’s game. This past week, both Sindhu and Nehwal were tamed(पालतू/शिक्षित) by the far-fitter Okuhara. The Japanese shuttlerrallied(एकत्रितकरना/संभलना) from a game down to stop Nehwal in the semi-final, and her resurgence(पुनरुत्थान)from 17-19 in the deciding game ended Sindhu’s quest(तलाश) for the title. This explains why Nehwal and Sindhu dwelled(विचार करना/ध्यान केन्द्रित करना) regretfully on missed opportunities instead of celebrating theirunprecedented(बेमिसाल/अपूर्व/अनोखा) show of strength on the finals podium. Interestingly, the two women are very different personalities. If Nehwal is driven by a wounded(घायल/आहत) pride to establish her credentials, Sindhu, at just 22, is a sunny character looking to make the most of the time on her side, and bothowe(ऋणीहोना) a lot to their respective coaches, U. Vimal Kumar and Pullela Gopi Chand. Yet, their combined achievements also bring into focus the fact that the next best woman shuttler in India is nowhere close to them in potential. Their heroics will, hopefully, in time draw more talent to the sport, but currently the lack of other women badminton players in their class deprives(वंचित करना) India of a fighting chance at team titles. For now, however, it is time to celebrate these two exceptional women who have enriched the game.
Synonyms:-  intimidating, daunting, disturbing, alarming, frightening
Synonyms:-  counting, enumeration, tally, computation, figuring
3.Flourish(सफल होना/संपन्न होना)
Synonyms:-  tucket, brandish, expand, thrive, prosper
Synonyms:- regroup, reassemble, re-form, reunite,  rebound
Synonyms:-  renewal, recovery, reawakening, reappearance, revival
Synonyms:-  unheard of, unknown, groundbreaking, revolutionary, pioneering
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