English Quiz

Directions (1-10): Fill the blanks and complete the sentences properly.
1) It’s difficult to guess what her ________ to the news would be

a) Reaction
b) Feelings
c) Opinion
d) Interest
e) None of these
2) His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any_______
a) Meaning
b) Sense
c) Interpretation
d) Intelligibility
e) None of these
3) That old man’s condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will__________
a) pull through
b) pull up
c) pull out
d) pull back
e) None of these
4) The dog jumped_______ the table
a) up
b) into
c) in
d) upon
e) None of these
5) As the bridge gave way the traffic was________
a) Held
b) Held up
c) Held in
d) Held down
e) None of these
6) Since she is a teacher of language, one would not expect her to be guilty of a ______
a) Schism
b) Aberration
c) Solecism
d) Tanchion
e) None of these
7) The soldiers fought splendidly but being out-numbered far out of proportion, they had to _______
a) Desiccate
b) Recede
c) Capitulate
d) Contemplate
e) None of these.
8) He said that he _______
a) Has missed his bus
b) Will miss his train
c) Will be missing his train
d) Had missed his train
e) None of these
9) Neither of us _______ fit for the job
a) Can
b) Could
c) Is
d) Are
e) None of these
10) In this hot weather, she likes to lie down in the ______ of a tree
a) Shade
b) Shelter
c) Protection
d) Shadow
e) None of these
1) Answer:  b)  
Options ‘c’ and d’ are inappropriate here And from among options ‘a’ and ‘b’, ‘b’ is the best fit.
2) Answer:  b)  
Only ‘sense’ can be used here
3) Answer:  a)  
pull through
Other options do not fit here at all.
4) Answer:  d)  
This word is grammatically fit here
5) Answer:  b)  
Held up
The solution is perfectly fit here as ‘held up’ here means ‘stuck’.
6) Answer:  b)  
This option only seems fit here
7) Answer:  b)  
It means ‘to gradually diminish’
8) Answer:  d)
Had missed his train
Grammatically, this is perfect here
9) Answer:  c)  
‘Is’ is used as with neither and either we use singular verbs.
10) Answer:  a)
According to the statement, this word is fit here

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