Current Affairs : 10-12-2019 in English

Important Day

  • Theme for the International Anti-Corruption Day 2019 (9 December) – United Against Corruption for Development, Peace and Security.


  • On 9 December, In a bid to develop Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) ecosystem in India in Oil and Gas sector, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was singed between National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) and - Aramco Asia.
  • For 20,000 Banking Business Correspondent (BC) point for Nextgen Vakrangee Kendra, Vakrangee Finserve Limited received approval from -Union Bank of India.
  • NABARD has sanctioned a cumulative loan of more than Rs 3.44 lakh crore for various projects across the country under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund since - 1995-96.


  • As per the IUCN’s report "Ocean deoxygenation Everyone's problem", Ocean regions with low oxygen concentrations are expanding with this many sites worldwide now affected by low oxygen conditions - around 700.


  • According to a new report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), biggest arms manufacturer in the world - the United States (Worldwide arms sales rise by nearly 5% in 2018).
  • This Asian country launched vaccination campaign after 1st polio infection in 27 years – Malaysia.
  • According to UNDP's development report 2019 "Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: inequalities in human development in the 21st century", India’s rank in the 2019 human development index – 129th.
  • Titled 'From Sojourners To Settlers - Tamils in Southeast Asia and Singapore', the book was launched in - Singapore.
  • World's largest waterfall that is running out of water after worst drought in Africa in 100 years - Victoria Falls.


  • On 09 December, the ‘Digital Exhibition on History of Constitution of India’ inaugurated in - Delhi.
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has started a pilot project for using FASTags for parking purposes at - Hyderabad Airport.

Persons in News

  • Person who resigned as MD & Head of HR of the Royal Bank Of Scotland (UK) - Anuranjita Kumar.
  • World's youngest Prime Minister – 34 years-old Sanna Marin (Finland).
  • Miss Universe 2019 - Zozibini Tunzi (South Africa).
  • Winner of the prestigious 'Gangadhar National Award' - Viswanath Prasad Tiwari (Hindi poet).


  • World heavyweight champion 2019 - Anthony Joshua (UK).
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency has imposed ban for four years on - Russia.

State Current Affairs

  • The first-ever 'Yayavar' literary festival will be organised on 14 December in - Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir.
  • This state government has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to design a Public- Private pilot on shared, clean and electric mobility - Punjab.
  • India’s first Auto Shredding Plant will be in - Punjab.

General Knowledge

  • World Economic Forum (WEF) - Founded: 1971 (01 January); Headquarters: Cologny, Switzerland.
  • World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) - Founded: 1999 (10 November); Headquarters: Montreal, Canada; Founder: Dick Pound.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – Founded in: 1965; Headquarters: New York, USA.
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – Established in: 1948 (October); Headquarter: Gland (Switzerland).

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