English Quiz

1- Government said it has taken up the slots issue being faced on Air Indian at Dubai and Hong Kong airports with the aeronautical authorities of both the countries.

(1) are facing by Air India

(2) been faced by Air India

(3) being face by Air India

(4) being faced by Air India

(5) No Improvement

2- India's envoy to Singapore has called of air connectivity between Singapore and India's North-Eastern region to deepen connection between the two countries.

(1) has called for air connectivity

(2) have called for air connectivity

(3) is called on air connectivity

(4) has call for air connectivity

(5) No Improvement

3- Bihar, which had drawn widespread criticism over mass cheating in 2015 matriculation examination, had a worse timing this year with the surfacing of the toppers scam.

(1) a worst time that year with

(2) an worse time this year with

(3) a worse time this year with

(4) a worse time this year without

(5) No Improvement

4- She was not the only black sheep, Science topper Saurabh Kumar to expressed ignorance out electrons and protons and could not figure out the link between water and H2O.

(1) to expressed ignorance about electrons

(2) too expressed ignorance about electrons

(3) too express ignorance about electrons

(4) too expressed ignorance out of electrons

(5) No Improvement

5. The policy will had several provisions for promoting private investor participation in solar power production

(1) will has several provisions 

(2) will have several provision 

(3) will have several provisions 

(4) will had provisionally several

(5) No correction required

6. Trees are being felled to way for the road

(1) felled to make way 

(2) felled to the way 

(3) fell to make way

(4) fell ways to 

(5) No correction required

7. Lose in temperature has resulted in increased patients of bronchial asthma

(1) Dropping temperature 

(2) Drop in temperature 

(3) Drops of temperature 

(4) Dip as temperature

(5) No correction required 

8. Steroids for long have been linked to improving sports performance.

(1) link to improved 

(2) improved link 

(3) linking to improving

(4) links to improve 

(5) No correction required

9. No one expects police to provide rounded-the-clock security to every citizen

(1) The-clock- round security 

(2) The-rounded-clock security

(3) Security around the clock 

(4) Round-the- clock security

(5) No correction required

10- The call to treat minors accusing of heinous crimes on par with adults is an emotional statement that emphasises retribution over justice.

(1) treated minors accused of heinous

(2) treat minors accused of heinous

(3) treating minors accused of heinous

(4) treat minor accuse of heinous

(5) No Improvement


1. (4) 2. (1) 3. (3) 4. (2) 5. (3) 6. (1) 7. (2) 8. (5) 9. (4) 10. (2)
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