English Vocab

1. Assistance(सहायता) 
Synonyms: aid, backing, benefit, compensation, cooperation
Antonyms: blockage, damage, handicap, harm, hindrance

2. Curb(नियंत्रण
Synonyms: barrier, ledge, rein, restraint, restriction
Antonyms: freedom, center, encouragement, inside, interior
3. Conflicting(विवादग्रस्त/परस्पर विरोधी
Synonyms: adverse, antagonistic, clashing, contrary, incompatible
Antonyms: consonant, harmonious, agreeable, nonconflicting, peaceful
4. Caution(चेतावनी/सतर्कता)
Synonyms: attention, care, discretion, foresight, prudence
Antonyms: carelessness,, disregard, ignorance, indiscretion, neglect
5. Desirable(वांछित/मोहक)
Synonyms: beautiful, enticing, fascinating, adorable, alluring
Antonyms: repulsive, bad, detrimental, disadvantageous, disagreeable
6. Examine(जांच 
Synonyms: audit, check, check out, consider, criticize
Antonyms: approve, forget, ignore, neglect, praise
7. Envisage(परिकल्पना )
Synonyms: confront, consider, image, picture, regard
Antonyms: disregard, ignore
8. Inability(असमर्थता )
Synonyms: failure, impotence, incompetence, inefficiency, ineptitude
Antonyms: strong point, success, ability, sufficiency, capacity
9. Impart(थोपना)
Synonyms: communicate, convey, pass on, transmit, admit
Antonyms: keep, withhold, conceal, cover, hide
10. Intermediaries(बिचौलियों ) 
Synonyms: broker, emissary, go-between, mediator, negotiator
Antonyms: end
11. Offending (अपमानजनक 
Synonyms: aggrieve, anger, annoy, antagonize, disgust
Antonyms: aid, assist, assuage, calm, comfort
12. Pleaded(निवेदन करना
Synonyms: appeal, ask, petition, pray, solicit
Antonyms: refuse, answer, decide, punish, reply
13. Petitioners(याचिकाकर्ताओं )
Synonyms: claimant, appellant, aspirant, candidate, hopeful
14. Submissions(प्रस्तुतियाँ)
Synonyms: capitulation, resignation, acquiescence, appeasement, assent
Antonyms:disagreement, disobedience, rebellion, fight, resistance
15. Tractability (पता लगाने की क्षमता।).
Synonyms: accordance, acquiescence, agreement, amenability, amenablene
Antonyms: disagreement, disdain, dishonor, disobedience, disregard

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