English Vocab

1. Argument(तर्क) 
Synonyms: altercation, bickering, brawl, clash, controversy
Antonyms: agreement, harmony, peace, calm

2. Conveyed(बताया/अवगत करा)
Synonyms: bring, send, transfer, transmit, back
Antonyms: receive, take, deny, discourage, dissuade
3. Capabilities(क्षमताओं 
Synonyms: capacity, competence, effectiveness, efficiency, facility
Antonyms: impotence, inability, incapability, incapacity, incompetence
4. Claim(दावा
Synonyms: allegation, application, assertion, call, case
Antonyms: answer, reply, denial, honesty, truth
5. Conveniently(आसानी से/सुविधा 
Synonyms: cleverly, easily, smoothly, intelligently
6. Conscious(सचेत/ जागरूक)
Synonyms: attentive, aware, certain, cognizant, informed
Antonyms: careless, doubtful, dubious, heedless, ignorant
7. Conflict(संघर्ष/झगड़ा)
Synonyms: battle, clash, combat, competition, rivalry
Antonyms: peace, truce, agreement, calm, harmony
8. Desperation(मायूसी/मायूसी)
Synonyms: agony, anguish, anxiety, desolation, despair
Antonyms: cheer, comfort, contentment, delight, ease
9. Disentangle(सुलझाना/खोलना
Synonyms: detach, disengage, emancipate, extricate, unravel
Antonyms: attach, connect, tangle, tie, unite
10. Flourished(सफल होना /विकास पाना)
Synonyms: bloom, blossom, boom, develop, do well
Antonyms: decrease, fail, lessen, lose, shrink
11. Occupied(अधिकृत )
Synonyms: employed, engaged, engrossed, working, active
Antonyms: unoccupied, empty, free, idle, inactive
12. Parity(समानता)
Synonyms: consistency, uniformity, unity, affinity, agreement
13. Proclivity(झुकाव/प्रवृत्ति) 
Synonyms: penchant, predilection,  predisposition, propensity, bent
Antonyms: antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hate
14. Revoke( रद्द करना/हटाना
Synonyms: abolish, abrogate, annul, deny, dismantle
Antonyms:affirm, allow, approve, corroborate, enact
15. Resisted(विरोध किया,
Synonyms: abide, combat, confront, continue, curb
16. sank(डूब गया।
Synonyms: capsize, decline, descend, dig, dip
Antonyms: ascend, go up, increase, raise, rise
17. Strictly(सख्ती 
Synonyms: closely, rigorously, stringently, factually
18. Troubled(तंग/परेशान 
Synonyms: agitated, anxious, bothered, concerned, confused
Antonyms: calm, certain, comforted, content, happy
19.Violence(हिंसा )
Synonyms: assault, attack, bloodshed, brutality, clash
Antonyms: calm, health, kindness, method, niceness.

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