English Vocab

1. Consistently(लगातार)
Synonyms: always, constantly, frequently, normally, persistently
Antonyms: never
2. Deterrence(निवारण)

Synonyms: determent, disincentive, dissuasion, obviation, preclusion

3. Retaliation(बदला/प्रतिशोध/प्रतिकार,),
Synonyms: punishment reprisal, retribution, revenge
Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon, sympathy
4. Crushing(मुंहतोड़)
Synonyms: beat, break, bruise, crumble, mash
Antonyms: put together, uncompressed, let go, pull, release
5. Doctrine(सिद्धांत
Synonyms: attitude, axiom, belief, concept, creed
Antonyms: ambiguity, disbelief, heterodoxy, skepticism, unbelief
6. Staggering (चौंका देने वाला )
Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, astounding, mind-boggling, shocking
7. Punitive(दंडात्मक )
Synonyms: disciplinary, penal, punishing, retaliatory, vindictive
Antonyms: beneficial, rewarding
8. Dynamic(गतिशील 
Synonyms: aggressive, changing, charismatic, compelling, effective
Antonyms: fruitless, idle, impotent, inactive,. incapable
9. Circumstances(परिस्थितियों )
Synonyms: assets, capital, chances, class command
Antonyms: debt poorness, poverty
10. Redundancies(अतिरिक्तताओं)
Synonyms: repetition, excess, overabundance, prolixity, superfluity
Antonyms: lack, need, want
11. Survive(बना रहना/जीवित रहना
Synonyms: bear endure, exist, get through, handle
Antonyms: depart, die discontinue, neglect, refuse
12. Intention(इरादे ) 
Synonyms: aim, hope, motive, objective, plan
Antonyms: discouragement
13. Conceivable (मुमकिन/संभावित/बोधगम्य)
Synonyms: believable, convincing, credible, imaginable, probable
Antonyms: implausible, impossible, improbable, inconceivable, incredible
14. Imply(मतलब /संकेत करना
Synonyms: entail, hint, involve, mention, signify
Antonyms: define, explicate, express, state.

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