English Vocab

1. Combating(विरोध करना)
Synonyms: cope, fight, oppose, repel, resist
Antonyms: support, surrender, yield, agree, give in
2. Mobs(भीड़) 
Synonyms: clan, crowd, flock, gang, horde
Antonyms: individual, single

3. Evidence(प्रमाण) 
Synonyms: clue, confirmation, data, deposition, documentation
Antonyms: concealment, denial, hiding, contradiction, disproof
4,Humongous(विनम्र ) 
Synonyms: immense, prodigious
Antonyms: small, tiny
5, Contradiction(विरोधाभास
Synonyms: conflict, difference, disagreement, discrepancy, dispute
Antonyms: accord, agreement, concurrence, consistency, harmony
6. Inadmissible(अस्वीकार्य)
Synonyms: immaterial, improper, inappropriate, irrelevant, objectionable
Antonyms: OK, acceptable, appropriate, desirable, fitting
7. Infirmities (दुर्बलता/अदृढ़ता)
Synonyms: affliction, ailment, deficiency, frailty, ill health
Antonyms: health, perfection, ability, , advantage, improvement
8. Convicted(सजा 
Synonyms: condemn, imprison, sentence, adjudge, attaint
Antonyms: free, release, exonerate, liberate
9. Rampant(अनियंत्रित/उग्र) 
Synonyms: excessive, flagrant, growing, prevalent, raging
Antonyms: gentle, mild, moderate, moral, restrained
10. Indictment(अभियोग/कलंक
Synonyms: allegation, arraignment, bill, charge. citation
Antonyms: praise, absolution, acquittal, exoneration
11. Indicates(प्रकट करना/संकेत करना)
Synonyms: announce, argue, demonstrate, express, hint
Antonyms: conceal, deny, hide, lose, refuse
12. Acquittal(रिहाई) 
Synonyms: absolution, amnesty, clearance, deliverance, discharge
Antonyms: employment, hiring, hold, retention, blame
13.Combating(विरोध करना)
Synonyms: cope, fight, oppose, repel, resist
Antonyms: support, surrender, yield,agree, give in

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