English Quiz

1. Accumulated(जमा हुआ/संचित 
Synonyms: accrue, acquire, add to, assemble, collect
Antonyms: contract, decrease, diminish, disperse, divide

2. Assets(संपत्ति)
Synonyms: belongings, capital, credit, equity, estate
Antonyms: debt, liabilities
3. Crisis(संकट). 
Synonyms: catastrophe, change, confrontation, crunch, deadlock
Antonyms: agreement, benefit, blessing, breakthrough, calm
4. Comfortable(आरामदायक) 
Synonyms: appropriate, complacent, convenient, cozy, easy
Antonyms: cold, cool, disagreeable, dissatisfied, hard
5. Considerably(काफी
Synonyms: appreciably, far, greatly, markedly, noticeably
Antonyms: insignificantly, little, slightly, inappreciably, unremarkable
6. Contingency(आकस्मिकता/हालत )
Synonyms: emergency, eventuality, exigency, probability, accident
Antonyms: improbability, unlikelihood, advantage, bad luck, certainty
7. Massive(बड़े पैमाने पर)
Synonyms: big, colossal, enormous, extensive, gargantuan
Antonyms: common, dwarfed, inconsequential, insignificant, limited
8. Prudent(विवेकपूर्ण 
Synonyms: careful, cautious, discreet, economical, frugal
Antonyms: careless, expensive, foolish, hasty, inattentive
9. Portion(हिस्सा
Synonyms: allocation, chunk, excerpt, fraction, fragment
Antonyms: entirety, total, whole, agreement, peace
10. Retained(प्रतिधारित
Synonyms: maintained, received, saved, confined, contained
Antonyms: extroverted, lost, outgoing, disengaged, let go
11. Stipulations(नियम/शर्तों)
Synonyms: arrangement, clause, obligation, precondition, provision
Antonyms: disagreement, implication, request, wish
12. Surplus(अधिशेष
Synonyms: excess, leftover, unused, over, spare
Antonyms: essential, lacking, necessary, needing, wanting
13. Sovereign(राज/संप्रभु
Synonyms: absolute, autonomous, unlimited, ascendant, chief
Antonyms: dependent, limited, restricted, minor, secondary
14. Tug (खींचातानी
Synonyms: drag, draw, haul, heave, jerk.

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