Computer Quiz

1. Where would you find the letters QUERTY?

(1) Mouse 

(2) Screen

(3) Numeric Keypad 

(4) Keyboard

(5) None of these


2. How did the computer mouse get its name?

(1) It's cable looks like a tail

(2) Because it squeaks when moved

(3) It has ears

(4) Teeth outside mouth

(5) None of these

ANS-1-It's cable looks like a tail

3. What are you most likely to use when playing

(1) Touch screen a computer game?

(2) Light pen 

(3) notepad

(4) Joystick 

(5) None of these


4. A digitising tablet can be used for?

(1) Tracing diagrams

(2) Printing letters

(3) Reading barcodes

(4) Playing

(5) None of these

ANS-1-Tracing diagrams

5. Which of the following is a pointing device

(1) Hard disk .

(2) CD-ROM drive

(3) Touch screen used for computer input.

(4) RAM

(5) None of these

ANS-3-Touch screen used for computer input.

6. What does a light pen contain?

(1) Refillableink

(2) Light sensitive elements

(3) Pencil lead

(4) Blue Ink

(5) None of these

ANS-2-Light sensitive elements

7. What would be the best way to move around a 3D environment?

(1) Use a tracker ball

(2) Use a keyboard.

(3) Use a space mouse 

(4) Use Joystick

(5) None of these

ANS-3-Use a space mouse 

8. What input device can be used for marking

(1) Optical mark reader

(2) Bar code reader

(3) Mouse a multiple choice test?

(4) All of the above

(5) None of these

ANS-1-Optical mark reader

9. What input device could tell you the price of

(1) Mouse a bar of chocolate?

(2) All of the above

(3) Optical mark reader

(4) Bar code reader

(5) None of these

ANS-4-Bar code reader

10. Where would you find a magnetic strip?

(1) Speakers 

(2) Credit card

(3) Smart card 

(4) All of the above

(5) None of these

ANS-2-Credit card

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