English Vocab

1. visit(यात्रा/मुलाक़ात)
Synonyms: appointment, call, holiday, interview, stay
Antonyms: go
2. briefly(संक्षेप में) 

Synonyms: shortly, in a nutshell, in brief, in short, succinctly
Antonyms: at length, long-windedly, permanently, verbosely
3. tenure(कार्यकाल।)
Synonyms: administration, occupation, ownership, regime, reign
Antonyms: misconception, misunderstanding, release
4. solidarity(एकजुटता)
Synonyms: agreement, consensus, harmony, support, teamwork
Antonyms: disagreement, antagonism, discord, divorce, separation
5. violence( हिंसा)
Synonyms: assault, attack, bloodshed, brutality, clash
Antonyms: calm, health, kindness, method, niceness
6. communal(सांप्रदायिक/सार्वजनिक)
Synonyms:common, communistic, community, conjoint, conjunct
Antonyms:individual, personal, private, unshared
7. commitment(प्रतिबद्धता ) 
Synonyms: engagement, guarantee, need, pledge, promise
Antonyms: break, breach, irresponsibility, broken promise, denial
8. comparatively(अपेक्षाकृत) 
Synonyms: analogously, approximately, similarly
9. trickier(चालबाज ) 
Synonyms: complex, critical, delicate, intricate, knotty
Antonyms: certain, direct, easy, healthy, insensitive
10. misgivings(गलतफहमी)
Synonyms: anxiety, apprehension, distrust, doubt, foreboding
Antonyms: assurance, belief, calmness, certainty, confidence
11. presence(उपस्थिति
Synonyms: existence, being, companionship, company, habitation
Antonyms: absence, agitation, confusion, distance, distress
12. realization(वसूली)
Synonyms: awareness, recognition, understanding, cognizance, consciousness
Antonyms: ignorance

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