English Vocab

1. Reflects(दर्शाता है /चिंतन करना)
Synonyms: echo, follow, mirror, reverse, cast
Antonyms: be original, request, take, disregard, ignore
2. Adapt(अनुकूल/अनुरूप होना)

Synonyms: acclimate, accommodate, accustom, alter, comply
Antonyms: neglect, refuse, reject, disagree, disarrange
3. Cautiously(सावधानी से/सतर्कतापूर्वक) 
Synonyms: carefully, slowly, guardedly
4. Crucial(महत्वपूर्ण)
Synonyms: central, compelling, deciding, decisive, essential
Antonyms: inessential, insignificant, minor, optional, secondary
5. Fulfillment(पूर्ति/पालन)
Synonyms: achievement, attainment, contentment, gratification, perfection
Antonyms: dissatisfaction, failure, forfeit, disappointment, frustration
6. Consumption(खपत) 
Synonyms: drinking, expenditure, utilization, burning, damage
Antonyms: building, construction, creation, development, enlargement
7. Drought(सूखा/शुष्कता),
Synonyms: lack, scarcity, aridity, dearth, deficiency
Antonyms: abundance, excess, surplus, plenty, sufficiency
8. “Apprehensions(आशंकाओं/डर)
Synonyms: alarm, disquiet, doubt, dread, foreboding
Antonyms: belief, calm, calmness, certainty, confidence
9. Consistency(स्थिरता/सुसंगति)
Synonyms: firmness, flexibility, texture, bendability, compactness
Antonyms: erratic ism, incongruity, inconsistency, inconstancy, irregularity
10. Creation(निर्माण 
Synonyms: establishment, formation, formulation, production, conception
Antonyms: being, conclusion, end, finish, death
11. Sanctions(प्रतिबंध/मंजुर) 
Synonyms: approval, acquiescence, allowance, approbation, assent
Antonyms: denial, disagreement, disapproval, discouragement, opposition
12. Implementation(कार्यान्वयन/अमल)
Synonyms: application, discharge, employment, enjoyment, exertion
Antonyms: dissatisfaction, failure, idleness
13. Expanded(विस्तारित)
Synonyms: bolster, broaden, develop, enlarge, grow
Antonyms: close, compress, decrease, diminish, end

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