English Vocab

1. Maintain (बनाए रखना/पोषण करना
Synonyms: continue, control, cultivate, finance, keep
Antonyms: abandon, destroy, discontinue, finish, give up
2. Diagnostics(निदानों )

Synonyms: ailment, disorder, malady, problem, sickness
3. Recognizes(पहचानना/मानना)
Synonyms: admit, know, make, note, notice
Antonyms: deny, forget, ignore, misinterpret, miss
4. Prevention(निवारण/रोक-थाम)
Synonyms: avoidance, blockage, determent, forestalling, halt
Antonyms: aid, assistance, clearance, continuation, go
5. Supervision(पर्यवेक्षण ) 
Synonyms: administration, care, control, guidance, instruction
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect, serve, work
6. Rapid(तेजी से)
Synonyms: accelerated, breakneck, brisk, expeditious, fast
Antonyms: delayed, slow, sluggish, tardy, languishing
7. Defeating(पछाड़ना) 
Synonyms: reigning, unbeaten, triumphant, unconquered, winning
Antonyms: beaten, defeated, losing, winless
8. Prescription(नुस्खा/निर्धारण
Synonyms: drug, instruction,l recipe, remedy, decree
Antonyms: lawlessness
9. Reliable(विश्वसनीय) 
Synonyms: decent, decisive, dependable, good, honest
Antonyms: bad, broken, corrupt, dishonest, evil
10. Belonging(संबद्ध)
Synonyms: acceptance, affinity, association, attachment, inclusion
Antonyms: dislike, hatred, opposition, antipathy, insecurity
11. Vulnerability(आलोचनीयता/भेद्यता)
Synonyms: susceptibility, accountability, amenability, reasonableness, blame
Antonyms: aid, asset, help, irresponsibility
12. Lack(कमी/अभाव) 
Synonyms: absence, dearth, inadequacy, loss, paucity
Antonyms: abundance, affluence, enough, excess, plenty

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