English Vocab

1. Deemed(समझना/विचार करना)
Synonyms: allow, assume, believe, expect, feel
Antonyms: disbelieve, disregard, forget, ignore, misinterpret
2. Declined(अस्वीकार करना/अन्त होना)
Synonyms: deny, dismiss, refuse, reject, abjure
Antonyms: accept, allow, approve, grant, sanction

3. Triumphs(विजय/आनंद मनाना), 
Synonyms: celebration, joy, pride elation, exultation
Antonyms: disaster, failure, forfeit, loss, sadness
4. Toughest(सबसे मुश्किल)
Synonyms: hard, healthy, resilient, solid, stiff
Antonyms: easy, flexible, loose, pliable, pliant
5. Endeavor (प्रयास
Synonyms: aim, effort, enterprise, struggle, undertaking
Antonyms: idleness, inactivity, passivity, entertainment, fun
6. Fancy(कल्पना/पसंद) 
Synonyms: complicated, decorative, deluxe, elegant, frilly
Antonyms: plain, poor, simple, ugly, unadorned
7. Opportunity(अवसर)
Synonyms: convenience, event, excusefreedom, hope
Antonyms: closing, closure, misfortune, reality, truth
8. Transition(संक्रमण/बदलाव)
Synonyms: changeover, conversion, development, evolution, growth
Antonyms: decline, decrease, idleness, sameness, stagnation
9.Coincides(मेल खाता है
Synonyms: concur, correspond, jibe, accompany, accord
Antonyms: differ, disagree, dissent, oppose, protest
10. Abridged(संक्षिप्त/अपमानित 
Synonyms: abbreviate, curtail, truncate, abstract, chop
Antonyms: expand, extend, increase, lengthen, add
11. Yields(लाभ/उपज)
Synonyms: crop, earnings, harvest, income, output
Antonyms: bills, debt, payment
12. Preferring(अपेक्षा/चुनना)
Synonyms: adopt, choose, go for, pick, promote
Antonyms: dislike, hate, refuse, reject, decrease
13. speculation (चिंतन/सट्टेबाज़ी)
Synonyms: belief, conjecture, opinion, thought, cerebration
Antonyms: reality, truth, disdain, disregard, ignorance
14. Versions(संस्करणों), 
Synonyms: adaptation, form, history, interpretation, rendition.

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