English Vocab

1.Refusing(इंकार करना।
Synonyms: decline, ignore, protest, rebuff, reject
Antonyms: accept, allow, approve, agree, consent
2. Budge(झुकना/हिलना)
Synonyms: bend, change, convince, inch, influence
Antonyms: discourage, dissuade, fix, hinder, hold

3. Autonomy(स्वत्व अधिकार/स्वायत्तता )
Synonyms: freedom, self-determination, self-government, sovereignty
Antonyms: dependence
4. Reconsider(पुनर्विचार )
Synonyms: amend, reassess, reevaluate, reexamine, rethink
Antonyms: spoil, ignore, refuse
5. Paving(रोड़ा/प्रशस्त
Synonyms: brick, cobblestone, flagstone, gravel, macadamize
Antonyms: dig up, strip
6. Motivated(प्रेरित) 
Synonyms: drive, excite, galvanize, incline, inspire
Antonyms: check, discourage, dissuade, halt, hinder
7. Expenditure(खर्च/व्यय
Synonyms: amount, consumption, cost, disbursement, expense
Antonyms: savings
8. Confiscate(जब्त करना)
Synonyms: appropriate, expropriate, impound, annex, arrogate
Antonyms: give, offer
9. Specific(विशिष्ट/असामान्य)
Synonyms: clear-cut, definite, definitive, different, distinct
Antonyms: ambiguous, careless, common, commonplace, equivocal
10. Improve(सुधारें) 
Synonyms: advance, better, boost, correct, develop
Antonyms: blow, decline, decrease, demote, depress
11. Existing(मौजूदा ) 
Synonyms: actual, current, extant, alive, real
Antonyms: past
12. Accountable(जवाबदेह)
Synonyms: answerable, culpable, liable, obliged, charged with
Antonyms: unaccountable, blameless, innocent, irresponsible, unreliable
13. Stripping (अलग करना )
Synonyms: striptease, peel, despoil, disrobe, unclothe, Antonyms:
14. Credibility(विश्वसनीयता ).
Synonyms: chance, integrity, prospect, reliability, soundness
Antonyms: unlikelihood, implausibility, improbability, unreasonableness.

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