English Vocab

1. Complexities(जटिलताओं 
Synonyms: complication, intricacy, ramification, convolution, elaboration
Antonyms: clarity, directness, ease, obvious, simplicity
2. Gargantuan(विशाल)

Synonyms: colossal, enormous, gigantic, huge, humongous
Antonyms: common, dwarfed, insignificant, little, miniature
3. Relent(तरस खाना/ निर्भर/भरोसा )
Synonyms: acquiesce, capitulate, cave in, come around, comply
Antonyms: grow, increase, worry, advance, ascend
4. Tribunals(न्यायाधिकरण) 
Synonyms: board, committee, judge, justice, bar
5. Insisted(जोर दिया) 
Synonyms: assert, contend, demand, hold, maintain
Antonyms: abandon, desert, reply, endure, forget
6. Crisis(संकट)
Synonyms: catastrophe, change, confrontation, crunch, deadlock
Antonyms: agreement, benefit, blessing, breakthrough, calm
7. Emerged(उभरना)
Synonyms: appear, arrive, come up, crop up, develop
Antonyms: abandon, decrease, disappear, drop, fall
8. Rationale(औचित्य/तर्क
Synonyms: excuse, explanation, hypothesis, justification, motivation
Antonyms: discouragement, proof, reality
9. Immigrants(आप्रवासि,/ घुसपैठिए
Synonyms: alien, foreigner, migrant, newcomer, settler
Antonyms: citizen, national, native, local
Synonyms: anticipation, chance, expectation, forecast, future
Antonyms: hopelessness, impossibility
11. Exclusive(विशेष) 
Synonyms: absolute, chic, exclusionary, fashionable, licensed
Antonyms: old-fashioned, open, poor, public, +unfashionable
12. Pander(बढ़ावा देना)
Synonyms: cajole, gratify, massage, please, satisfy
Antonyms: anger, annoy, disappoint, disturb, frustrate
13. Deport(पेश आना
Synonyms: dismiss, displace, exile, expatriate, expel
Antonyms: allow, hold, keep, take in, welcome

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