English Vocab

1. denying(इनकार/खंडन) 
Synonyms: ban, call on, contradict, oppose, rebuff
Antonyms: OK, accept, allow, approve, ratify
2. overall(समग्र
Synonyms: comprehensive, global, long-term, blanket, sweeping 
Antonyms: incomplete, narrow, specific

3. confirmation(पुष्टीकरण)
Synonyms: acceptance, admission, affirmation, approval, authorization 
Antonyms: denial, disagreement, disapproval, opposition, refusal
4. spending(खर्च करना) 
Synonyms: allocate, concentrate, consume, contribute, donate
Antonyms: build, hold, keep, neglect, save
5. presented(प्रस्तुत किया) 
Synonyms: conferred, given, granted
6. suppressed(दबा दिया)
Synonyms: abolish, censor, conceal, contain, cover up 
Antonyms: aid, allow, assist, build up, compliment
7. beset(घेर लेना) 
Synonyms: bedevil, beleaguer, besiege, embarrass, invade
Antonyms: clarify, clear up, explain, leave alone, please
8. consumption(खपत/सेवन )
Synonyms: drinking, expenditure, utilization, burning, damage
Antonyms: building, construction, creation, development, enlargement
9. durable(टिकाऊ वस्तुएं)
Synonyms: dependable, enduring, lasting, permanent, reliable 
Antonyms: ephemeral, irresponsible, temporary, unreliable, weak
10. distress(संकट )
Synonyms: ache, affliction, anguish, anxiety, blues
Antonyms: advantage, aid, blessing, calm, calmness
11. measures(उपाय ) 
Synonyms: part, quota, allotment, allowance, amount
Antonyms: extreme, unimportance, whole, ignorance, inaction
12. measures(उपाय ) 

Synonyms: part, quota, allotment, allowance, amount 
Antonyms: extreme, unimportance, whole, ignorance, inaction

13. sources(स्रोत)
Synonyms: authority, cause, expert, origin, antecedent
Antonyms: consequence, effect, end, outcome, outgrowth
14. certainly(निश्चित )
Synonyms: absolutely, assuredly, exactly, surely, cert
Antonyms: doubtfully, questionably, dubiously, equivocally

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