English Vocab

Synonyms: dawdle, drift, idle, remain, stay
Antonyms: forge, forward, go, leave, advance
2. Climax(मोड़/उत्कर्ष
Synonyms: capstone,turning point, acme, apex, apogee

Antonyms: base, bottom, foot, nadir, anticlimax
3. Stunned(चौंका दिया/निस्तब्ध) 
Synonyms: amazed, astonished, bewildered, confused, dismayed
Antonyms: clear, oriented, understanding
4. Amassed(बनाए,
Synonyms: assemble, collect, compile, garner, hoard
5. Yielded(मान लेना/दबना)
Synonyms: allow, bring in, earn, generate, give
Antonyms: deny, hold, keep, lose, refuse
6. Incredibly(अविश्वसनीय रूप से 
Synonyms: especially, fabulously, strangely, uncommonly, astonishingly
Antonyms: commonly, normally, unexceptionally, usually
7. Familiar(परिचित ) 
Synonyms: intimate, mundane, recognizable, simple, usual
Antonyms: abnormal, alien, business, different, extraordinary
8. Enthusiastic(उत्साही )
Synonyms: anxious, ardent, avid, concerned, eager
Antonyms: apathetic, cold, cool, disinterested, dispassionate
9. shepherd(मार्गदर्शक/अनुरक्षण)
Synonyms: herder, herdsman, attendant, caretaker, escort
10. Demolished(ध्वस्त कर दिया)
Synonyms: annihilate, bulldoze, crush, decimate, devastate
Antonyms: build, construct, create, help, lose
11. Ingredients(अंग/ सामग्री)
Synonyms: additive, element, factor, piece, constituent
Antonyms: whole
12. Flickering(अस्थिर/चंचल ) 
Synonyms: fulgurating, lambent, meteoric, uncertain
13. Blight(नुक़सान से) 
Synonyms: affliction, canker, decay, eyesore, fungus
Antonyms: cleanliness, goodness, purification, blessing, boon

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