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In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
All counter terrorism measures should uphold international law and respect human rights.” Counter-terrorism measures are taken by countries that are the victims of terrorist attacks. India’s recent cross- LoC action was one such measure.
Did the communique (1) that India had violated international law? Did it imply that India did not respect human rights? While there was no reference to the Uri attack and no reference to Pakistan or the JeM or the LeT, the communique named a (2) terror group: the Islamist State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Only one other terrorist group, the Jabhat al-Nusra (in Syria), was named. The references were not(3). Both Russia and China feel threatened by ISIL (also known as ISIS). Russia has a special interest in Syria. Hence the naming of ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra. For the same reasons, Russia and China need the support of Pakistan. Russia concluded a military exercise with Pakistan. At the United Nations, China (4) India’s efforts to name Masood Azhar as a terrorist and put curbs on his activities. After the BRICS Summit, China went a step further and, in the unkindest cut of all, China’s spokesperson said, “Everyone knows that India and Pakistan are victims of terrorism. Pakistan has made huge efforts and great sacrifices in fighting terrorism. I think that the international community should respect this.” That is the real world. The real world fears an (5) of a conflict between two countries that have nuclear weapons and, therefore, is unwilling to pour oil on the fire. Besides, each country has its self-interest to protect. For Russia, it is the situation in Afghanistan and the ISIS’s threat to its (6) via Uzbekistan etc. For China, it is its investments in Pakistan, the Road and Belt initiative and access to Gwadar port. That is not to suggest that India is friendless in the world. It is only to emphasise that, despite the government’s efforts, Pakistan is also not friendless in the world. After the Uri attack, the government did the right thing in allowing the Army to take cross-LoC action. The Army also did the right thing in making a (7) statement through the DGMO. Message conveyed, the line should have been drawn there. It was not, and expectations of support were built high. Hence the feeling among the people of India of being let down by our BRICS partners. At least now the government should (8) acknowledge the wisdom of ‘strategic restraint’. It is time to end the rhetoric and the celebrations and go back to deterrence, diplomacy, engagement and talks. To recognize that international cooperation and any measures that we undertake to prevent and (9) terrorism must comply with our obligations under international law, including the Charter of the United Nations and relevant international conventions and protocols, in particular human rights law, refugee law and international humanitarian (10).

Choose the correct option for (1)

1. imply

2. imitate

3. impersonify

4. slay

5. baleful

Choose the correct option for (2)

1. frivolous

2. ferocious

3. eminent

4. notorious

5. garrulous

Choose the correct option for (3)

1. accidental

2. known

3. chance

4. accidentally

5. perpetual

Choose the correct option for (4)

1. choke

2. blocked

3. stop

4. drainage

5. stir

Choose the correct option for (5)

1. diminish

2. discretion

3. escalation

4. increment

5. foresight

Choose the correct option for (6)

1. territory

2. regime

3. debunked

4. place

5. region

Choose the correct option for (7)

1. measurement

2. measures

3. momentous

4. veneer

5. measured

Choose the correct option for (8)

1. loudly

2. irrevocably

3. certainly

4. tacitly

5. sully

Choose the correct option for (9)

1. combat

2. zeal

3. pray

4. tackling

5. unseen

Choose the correct option for (10)

1. law

2. price

3. rate

4. mark

5. off


Q.01. Option (1)

Q.02. Option (4)

Q.03. Option (1)

For other options

Accidentally(Adj)-by mistake


Q.04. Option (2)

Q.05. Option (3)

For other options

Discretion and foresight are the synonyms.

Q.06. Option (1)

For other options



Q.07. Option (5)

For other options



Q.08. Option (4)

Q.09. Option (1)

Q.10. Option (1)
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