English Quiz

1. Industry needs to be proactive in treating and reusing waste water rather than drilling deep into the earth to extract it. 

(1) than drilling deeper in the earth to 

(2) then drilling deeper into the earth to 

(3) than drilling deeper into the earth to 

(4) to drilled deeper into the earth on 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (3) 

2. Cold conditions prevailed in Punjab and Haryana with mercury dropping few notches below normal in various parts of both the states. 

(1) below normal in various part of both 

(2) below normal on various parts both 

(3) above normal in various parts of none 

(4) against normal in various part of both 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (5) 

3. The blockade of the national highways leading to the Manipur valley, called by the United Naga Council (UNC), has being in place since November 1. 

(1) has been in a place since 

(2) has been in place since 

(3) has been in place for 

(4) have been in place since 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (2) 

4. The daring escape of six prisoners, including the self-styled commander of a Khalistani militant group, from the Nabha Jail in Punjab is another wake call or the security establishment. 

(1) is another wake-up call for the security 

(2) are another wake-up call for the security 

(3) is another wake-up calling the security 

(4) is another woke-up calls for the security 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (1) 

5. Three government offices, including that of the office of the recently created Kamjong district, were burn down by unidentified persons in Manipur, which is witnessing an economic blockade imposed by United Naga Council. 

(1) were burning down by unidentified persons 

(2) were burnt down towards unidentified persons 

(3) were burnt down by unidentified persons 

(4) was burnt down to unidentified persons 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (3) 

6- The appeal to a sense of ‘constitutional patriotism’ is also intriguing, as the only reason interpretation of the term is that of having allegiance to the values underlying the Constitution. 

(1) as a one reasonable interpretations 

(2) as the only reasonable interpret 

(3) as the only reasonable interpretation 

(4) to the only reasonable interpretation 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (3) 

7- Government said it has taken up the slots issue being faced on Air Indian at Dubai and Hong Kong airports with the aeronautical authorities of both the countries. 

(1) are facing by Air India 

(2) been faced by Air India 

(3) being face by Air India 

(4) being faced by Air India 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (4) 

8- India's envoy to Singapore has called of air connectivity between Singapore and India's North-Eastern region to deepen connection between the two countries. 

(1) has called for air connectivity 

(2) have called for air connectivity 

(3) is called on air connectivity 

(4) has call for air connectivity 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (1) 

9- Bihar, which had drawn widespread criticism over mass cheating in 2015 matriculation examination, had a worse timing this year with the surfacing of the toppers scam. 

(1) a worst time that year with 

(2) an worse time this year with 

(3) a worse time this year with 

(4) a worse time this year without 

(5) No Improvement 

ANSWER- (3) 

10- She was not the only black sheep, Science topper Saurabh Kumar to expressed ignorance out electrons and protons and could not figure out the link between water and H2O. 

(1) to expressed ignorance about electrons 

(2) too expressed ignorance about electrons 

(3) too express ignorance about electrons 

(4) too expressed ignorance out of electrons 

(5) No Improvement 


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