English Quiz

Q.1-5. In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. 

Few will disagree about the need for research to eradicate some of the existing ailments like polio and tuberculosis, and find a cure for seemingly intractable afflictions like cancer. That such research has borne fruit is evident from the increase in the (1)of humans in recent years. But, there is also little doubt that those working in the laboratories have to follow strict guidelines which preclude inflicting avoidable pain to the hapless creatures living in (2).

There are over 5,000 laboratories in India using animals for scientific research. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, makes it (3) for them to register with a Committee for the Purpose of Controlling and Supervising Experiments on Animals. Yet, only about 2,000 labs are registered. The focus has to be also on reducing the number of animals and using improved techniques of experiments. It has also been suggested that suffering of the animals can be reduced by using less invasive methods and providing better medical care and (4) conditions. Considering that an estimated 100 million vertebrates are subjected to experiments every year, the need for (5) treatment is undeniable.

Q.1. (1) durability      (2) extent             (3) career               (4) course                (5) longevity 

Q.2. (1) allowance      (2) limitation      (3) captivity            (4) violence              (5) deprived 

Q.3. (1) perilous         (2) liberal            (3) deserved          (4) insincere              (5) obligatory 

Q.4. (1) climatic         (2) sanitary         (3) economic          (4) living                   (5) social 

Q.5. (1) merciful        (2) forgiving        (3) charitable         (4) encouraging       (5) auspicious

Q.6-10.Which of the Phrases(1), (2) (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

Q.6. There are several instances where unorganized workers are paid Rs 2,500 per month despite work for more than seven to eight hours a day. 

(1) Inspite of work for more than                               (2) Inspite working for more than

(3) Despite working for more than                             (4) Despite worked of more than

(5) No correction required

Q.7. Footpaths and junctions are mainly flooded with political hoardings, which need to be removed.

(1) Floods with politically hoardings                           (2) Flood for political hoardings

(3) Flood of politically hoardings                                 (4) Floods with political hoardings

(5) No correction required

Q.8. The main aim of the police is to make banks and other financial institutions aware about the importance of security measures in view of the criminals happening in the vicinity. 

(1) In view of the criminal                                            (2) In view of the crimes 

(3) In the view of criminals                                          (4) On the view of crimes

 (5) No correction required

Q.9. Every person has a unique finger identity and by matching the fingerprints found on a crime scene with stored in the database, cases can be solved. 

(1) To that stored in the database                                 (2) In that stored on the database

(3) Into those store in the database                              (4) With that stored in the database

(5) No correction required

Q.10. Decline in burst of crackers was a major reason for less pollution this year as is evident from noise pollution level. 

(1) Decline in bursting of                                              (2) Declined in burst of

(3) Declining in bursts off                                              (4) Declines in bursting off

(5) No correction required












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