Computer Quiz

Q1.Linux was developed by?

1. Ken Thompson

2. Andy Rubin

3. Linus Torvalds

4. Dennis Ritchie

5. Bill Gates

ANS (3)-Linus Torvalds

Q2.The clock rate of a processor is measured in?

1. Milli seconds

2. Micro hertz 

3. Megabytes or Gigabytes

4. Nanoseconds

5. Megahertz or Gigahertz 

ANS (5)-Megahertz or Gigahertz 

Q3.The MDB Extensions refers to?

1. Hypertext related file

2. System File

3. Image file

4. MS Access

5. Animation/movie file

ANS (4)-MS Access

Q4. 802.3 is the standard for?

1. Token bus

2. Mesh network

3. MAN 

4. Cable Modems

5. Ethernet

ANS (5)-Ethernet

Q5. A spooler is a?

1. Location in memory 

2. Print on paper

3. Power on Self Test

4. A program that controls spooling

5. Message sent to the printer 

ANS (4)-A program that controls spooling

Q6.A DVD is an example of a (n)?

1. Hard disk 

2. Fibre Optical

3. Output device

4. Solid state storage device

5. Optical Disc 

ANS (5)-Optical Disc

Q7.The intersection of row and column is known as?

1. Column

2. Cell

3. Address

4. Attribute

5. Tuples

ANS (2)-Cell

Q8.What PPP protocol provides dynamic addressing, authentication, and multilink?

1. LCP

2. HDLC 

3. X.25

4. NCP

5. None of these


Q9.Time taken for completing a task in computers is known as?

1. Down time

2. Delay time 

3. Execution time 

4. Latency time

5. Seek time

ANS (3)-Execution time 

Q10.The pathway connecting internal components of the microprocessor is called the?

1. System clock

2. Instruction set

3. IrDA port

4. Data bus

5. None of these 

ANS (4)-Data bus

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