Computer Quiz

Q 1. Which among the following is a self-contained step-by-step set of operations to be performed?

1.System Software
3.Network topology
4.Application software
5.Utility software


2. What is Remote Desktop Connection?

1.It was known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 and earlier, it is one of the components of Microsoft Windows.

2.a technology that allows you to carry your computer in remote areas.

3.a technology that allows you to sit at the client computer and connect to the host remote computer in a different location

4.both (1) and (3)

5.All of the above

Ans-4-both (1) and (3)

Q 3. Which of the following option in MS Word 2010 may be used to change page-size and margins?

1.Page Layout





Ans-1-Page Layout

Q 4. Which of the following communication modes provides bidirectional data transmission?


2.Half Duplex

3.Full Duplex

4.Both (1) and (3)

5.None of these

Ans-4-Both (1) and (3)

Q 5. Which among the following is not an operation of an operating system? 

1.Communication manager

2.Processor manager

3.Device manager

4.Memory manager

5.None of the above

Ans-1-Communication manager

Q 6. Which key should you use to indent the first paragraph of your report? key

2.return key bar

4.shift key

5.None of these

Ans-1-tab key

Q 7. Which of the following is true about Assembly language? 

1.It is an Object Oriented Programming Language

2.It is a High-level programming language

3.It is a low-level programming language

4.It is a language for assembling computers

5.It is latest flash memory language

Ans-3-It is a low-level programming language

Q 8. Changing desktop wallpaper is a simple task which can be accessed through ________ section of all control panel items. 







Q 9. What does DBMS stand for?

1.Data Management System

2.Database Management System

3.Database Management Server

4.Database Maintenance Server

5.Data Management Server

Ans-2-Database Management System

Q 10. Which of the following diagrams graphically represents an inter-relationship among entities in a database?

1.Entity-relationship diagram

2.Data flow diagram

3.Control flow diagram

4.Sequence diagram

5.None of these

Ans-1- Entity-relationship diagram

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