English Vocab

(i) Blatancy (N.): the property of being both obvious and offensive.
Pronunciation: ब्लेटेन्सी
Hindi Translations:  स्पष्ट और आक्रामक दोनों होना, दिखावा

Synonyms:  Flagrancy, Flashiness, Garishness, Loudness, Dash, Ostentation, Gaudiness, Flamboyance, Showiness, Shamelessness, Sensationalism, Jauntiness, Flagrance, Noticeability
Antonyms: Nuance, Palatability, Subtlety
Usage: But the blatancy of the Code remains instructive.
Meaning: लेकिन संहिता की स्पष्टता शिक्षाप्रद है।
(ii) Ostentatious (Adj.): characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
Pronunciation: आस्टन्टैशस
Hindi Translations: भड़कदार, ज़ाहिरदार, आडंबरपूर्ण, आडम्बरी, दिखावटी, भड़कीला, डींग हांकने वाला, दिखावे का
Synonyms:  Pretentious, Flashy, Flamboyant, Gaudy, Pompous, Extravagant, Vain, Loud, Ornate, Flaunting, Flash, Splashy
Antonyms: Modest, Humble, Reserved, Quiet, Unostentatious, Plain, Discreet, Down-To-Earth, Lowly, Unassuming, Demure, Minor
Usage: He was generous in using the money without being ostentatious.
Meaning: वह बिना आडंबर के धन का उपयोग करने में उदार था।
(iii) Spew (V.): expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.
Pronunciation: स्प्यू
Hindi Translations: उगलना, उल्टी करना, वमन करना, कै करना, उबकाई आना, निकाल डालना, जल्दी से निकलना, वेगपूर्वक निकलना, उबकना
Synonyms:  Vomit, Disgorge, Puke, Spit, Spout, Regurgitate, Eject, Throw Up, Emit, Spurt, Retch, Erupt, Gush
Antonyms: Absorb, Abide, Check, Contain, Bespeak, Believe, Nominate, Constrain, Attach, Allay, Chasten, Circumscribe, Conquer
Usage: These vehicles spew a lot of lead into the atmosphere every day.
Meaning: ये वाहन हर दिन वायुमंडल में बहुत अधिक सीसा फैलाते हैं।
(iv) Tenuous (Adj.): very weak or slight.
Pronunciation: टेन्यवस / टेन्यूअस
Hindi Translations: कमज़ोर, क्षुद्र, छोटा, तनु, तुच्छ, थोड़ा, पतला, महीन, सूक्ष्म
Synonyms:  Flimsy, Thin, Fine, Slight, Slim, Slender, Insignificant, Weak, Frail, Attenuated, Insubstantial, Feeble, Unsubstantial, Rare
Antonyms: Substantial, Thick, Stable, Healthy, Significant, Strong, Amazing, Solid, Considerable, Good, Conspicuous, Incontrovertible, Influential, Lusty
Usage: They say they have only tenuous evidence.
Meaning: वे कहते हैं कि उनके पास केवल थोड़े से प्रमाण हैं।
(v) Asseverate (V.): state categorically.
Pronunciation: असेवरेट
Hindi Translations: दृढ़ता से कहना, सशपथ कहना, विश्वास दिलाना
Synonyms:  Assert, Affirm, Aver, State, Declare, Maintain, Avow, Allege, Avouch, Say, Swear, Contend, Confirm, Hold
Antonyms: Proclaim, Straddle the Fence
Usage: No one was in a position to asseverate.
Meaning: कोई भी दृढ़ता से कहने की स्थिति में नहीं था।

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