English Vocab

1. self-as assurance(आत्म-विश्वास )
Synonyms: aplomb, poise
Antonyms: diffidence, unsureness
2. talent(प्रतिभा)
Synonyms: art, capability, capacity, expertise, flair
Antonyms: ignorance, impotence, inability, incapacity, incompetence

3. executive(कार्यकारी )
Synonyms: managerial, governing, ruling, controlling, decision-making
Antonyms: subordinate
4. imprimatur(इजाज़त)
Synonyms: charter, permission, permit, sanction
Antonyms: prohibition, veto
5. irrelevant(असंगत) 
Synonyms: extraneous, immaterial, inappropriate, inconsequential, insignificant
Antonyms: appropriate, consequential, essential, important, meaningful
6. induction(अधिष्ठापन/प्रेरण ) 
Synonyms: inauguration, introduction, consecration, draft, entrance
Antonyms: end, finish, blackballing, expulsion, rejection
7. evidently(ज़रूर) 
Synonyms: doubtless, manifestly, obviously, officially, ostensibly
Antonyms: improbably, unlikely, doubtfully, mistakably, obscurely
8. confidant(विश्वासपात्र)
Synonyms: acquaintance, adviser, companion, crony, adherent
Antonyms: enemy, foe, stranger
9. advancement(उन्नति)
Synonyms: advance, growth, improvement, upgrading, amelioration
Antonyms: decrease, failure, stagnation, worsening, cessation
10. rewarded(पुरस्कृत)
Synonyms: compensated, recompensed, remunerated, repaid, satisfied
11. refused( इनकार कर दिया) 
Synonyms: banned, blocked, denied, disavowed, dismissed
Antonyms: allowed, permitted, consented to
12. bargain(मोलभाव )
Synonyms: arrangement, contract, deal, negotiation, pact
Antonyms: disagreement, misunderstanding, break, rip-off
13. disproportionate(असंगत) 
Synonyms: excessive, inordinate, superfluous, unequal, unreasonable
Antonyms: moderate, reasonable, balanced, equal, even
14. wholeheartedly(जी जान से),
Synonyms: candidly, deeply, earnestly, genuinely, naturally
Antonyms: doubtfully, dishonestly, untruthfully
15. scope(क्षेत्र/गुंजाइश) 
Synonyms: breadth, capacity, extension, opportunity, outlook
Antonyms: extreme, imprisonment, incarceration, limitation, restraint
16. equations(समीकरण
Synonyms: comparison, equalization, mathematical statement
17. generate(उत्पन्न ) 
Synonyms: achieve, bring about, cause, develop, engender
Antonyms: destroy, end, fail, finish, halt
18. momentum(गति 
Synonyms: energy, power, strength, drive, force
Antonyms: lethargy, weakness

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