English Vocab

(i) Wane (N.): the amount by which a plank or log is beveled or falls short of a squared shape.
Pronunciation:  वेन / वैन
Hindi Translations: अधोगति, अवनति, कमी, क्षय, घटाव, पतन, ह्रास, चंद घटना

Synonyms:  Decline, Ebb, Decrease, Decay, Flag, Ebbing, Lapse, Subsidence, Deterioration, Abatement, Diminution, Degeneration, Sag, Crash
Antonyms: Wax, Increase, Rise, Evolution, Expansion, Growth, Improvement, Recovery, Swelling, Progress, Accession, Augmentation
Usage: Their political power is on the wane.
Meaning: उनकी राजनैतिक शक्ति अधोगति पर है।
(ii) Dissonance (N.): disagreeable sounds. a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters.
Pronunciation:  डिसनन्स
Hindi Translations: असंगति, कर्कशता, तर्क, बेसुरापन, मतभेद, विभिन्नता, विस्वरता, स्वर-बैषम्य
Synonyms:  Disagreement, Discord, Discordance, Disharmony, Dissension, Cacophony, Unconformity, Conflict, Discrepancy, Dissonance, Noise, Disaccord
Antonyms: Harmony, Accord, Agreement, Consonance, Concord, Peace, Peacefulness, Resonance, Music, Unity, Acceptance, Conformity, Concurrence
UsageDissonance among the three partners doomed the project.
Meaning: तीन भागीदारों के बीच असहमति ने परियोजना को बर्बाद कर दिया।
(iii) Emphatic (Adj.): showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly.
Pronunciation:  एम्फैटिक
Hindi Translations: गुरुतापूर्वक, ज़ोरदार, दृढ़, प्रभावी, बलपूर्वक, भारी, सुनिश्चित, सुस्पष्ट, मज़बूत, ज़ोरदार
Synonyms:  Forceful, Assertive, Insistent, Positive, Firm, Strong, Decided, Categorical, Definite, Vigorous, Pointed, Dogmatic, Explicit
Antonyms: Forceful, Assertive, Insistent, Positive, Firm, Strong, Decided, Categorical, Definite, Vigorous, Pointed, Dogmatic, Explicit, Emphasized
Usage: I answered their questions with an emphatic "Yes".
Meaning: मैंने एक जोरदार "हां" के साथ उनके सवालों का जवाब दिया।
(iv) Regale (V.): entertain or amuse (someone) with talk.
Pronunciation:  रिगेल
Hindi Translations: दावत करना, खुश करना, धूमधाम से खाना खिलाना, निहाल करना, राज भोज देना, राजरूप से या धूमधाम से, दावत खाना, भोज खाना, दावत देना
Synonyms:  Treat, Entertain, Amuse, Feast, Indulge, Banquet, Gratify, Please, Wine And Dine, Divert, Feed, Delight, Refresh
Antonyms: Anger, Annoy, Depress, Disappoint, Disturb, Frustrate, Upset, Bore, Pain, Refuse, Tire
Usage: They will regale the guests with a feast.
Meaning: वे मेहमानों के लिए एक दावत का आयोजन करेंगे।
(v) Ruminative (Adj.): deeply or seriously thoughtful.
Pronunciation:  रूमीनेटिव
Hindi Translations: ध्यानमग्न, मननशील
Synonyms:  Thoughtful, Pensive, Meditative, Reflective, Cogitative, Contemplative, Musing, Wistful, Brooding, Pondering, Broody, Speculative, Thinking
Antonyms: Thoughtless, Spontaneous, Impulsive, Unthinking, Absent-Minded, Unprompted,
Unstructured, Unplanned, Extemporaneous, Heedless, Stupid
Usage: He was uncharacteristically depressed and ruminative.
Meaning: वह निर्विवाद रूप से उदास और ध्यानमग्न था।

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