English Quiz

In each set below five words have been printed which are numbered (1), (2), (3),(4) and (5). One of these words may be wrongly spelt. Find out the wrongly spelt word. The number of that word is the answer. 

Q1. Beside him, however, the potrait has reverted to its original form. All correct 

(1) Beside 

(2) potrait 

(3) reverted 

(4) original 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- portrait 

Q2. The richness of the story is hardly exhaust by a review of her character. All correct 

(1) richness 

(2) hardly 

(3) exhaust 

(4) character

(5) All correct 

Explanation- Exhausted in the past tense must be used here. 

Q3. Prime minister and military strongman decided to lift eme
rgence laws in place since a 2009 political crisis. All correct 

(1) military 

(2) emergence 

(3) place 

(4) political 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- Correct word is emergency. 
Q4. This was the first time that Iran has tested the missile which was domestic designed and built. All correct 

(1) tested 

(2) missile 

(3) domestic 

(4) designed 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- Use Domestically is place of Domestic 

Q5. Greeting people on New year, he arges the people to work together to address these challenges. All correct. 

(1) Greeting 

(2) arges 

(3) together 

(4) address 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- Correct word is urges. 
Q6. We need to crapht a high quality national health system that is used by the poor and the rich alike. All correct 

(1) crapht 

(2) high quality 

(3) the poor 

(4) alike. 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- ‘Craft’ is the correct spelling 

Q7. The groundwater in a particular area is shared by a number of people and the share comes down with a rise in population. All correct 

(1) groundwater 

(2) shared 

(3) down 

(4) rise 

(5) All correct

Q8. Extra shelfs that were added over the years to accommodate books in the library have been removed. All correct 

(1) shelfs 

(2) added 

(3) accommodate 

(4) removed 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- ‘Shelves is the plural form of ‘shelf’ 

Q9. If India is capable of defend itself today, it is because of the sacrifices made by the soldiers in the past. All correct 

(1) capable 

(2) defend 

(3) sacrifices 

(4) soldiers 

(5) All correct 

Explanation- ‘Defending’ should be used – ‘capable of’ is followed by –ing form of verb 
Q10. The decision to impose a change on morning walks has angry citizens. All Correct 

(1) decision 

(2) impose 

(3) morning walks 

(4) angry 

(5) All Correct 

Explanation- 'Angered’ should be used – a verb is required at this place 

Answer. 1. (2) 2. (3) 3. (2) 4. (3) 5. (2) 6. (1) 7. (5) 8. (1) 9. (2) 10. (4)          

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