Current Affairs : 17-06-2019 in English


  • ‘Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit 2019’ organized in - Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan).
  • In June 2019, India will impose tariffs on 29 items including almonds, walnuts and apples which will import from - USA.
  • Indian-origin person who received the ‘Star of Jerusalem’ medal from the Palestinian Authority - Sheikh Mohammad Munir Ansari.


  • The Government of India reduced the rate of contribution under the Employees' State Insurance Act-1948 from 6.5% to - 4%.


  • Rank of the Indian football team in the FIFA rankings issued on June 15 - 101st.
  • First place in the FIFA rankings issued on June 15 - Belgium.

State Current Affairs

  • In June 2019, this state/UT government announced formation of a task force to ensure the safety of female commuters in public transport - Delhi.

Science and Technology

  • This Asian country is planning to launch its own small space station for carrying out microgravity experiments - India.

General Knowledge

  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) – formed in: 2001; Headquarters: Beijing (China).
  • Partner countries of the International Space Station (ISS) program - European Union, USA, Japan, Canada and Russia.
  • Six-Day War between Israel and Palestine - 1967.

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