Computer Quiz

Q1. A (n) ______ appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked?

1. Anchor

2. URL

3. Hyperlink

4. Reference

5. None of these

ANS (3)-Hyperlink
Q2. Which of the following refers to the rectangular area for displaying information and running programs?

1. Desktop

2. Dialog box

3. Menu

4. Window

5. None of these

ANS (1)-Desktop

Q3.Which of these is not a means of personal communication on the internet?

1. Chat

2. Instant messaging

3. Instanotes

4. Electronic mail

5. None of these

ANS (3)- Instanotes
Q4. Is the layer of a computer system between the hardware and the user program?

1. Operating environment

2. Operating system

3. System environment

4. Utility software

5. Spooler

ANS (2)-Operating system

Q5.The symbols used in an assembly language are?

1. Codes

2. Mnemonics

3. Assembler

4. All of the above

5. None of the above

ANS (2)-Mnemonics

Q6.The list of coded instructions is called?

1. Computer program

2. Algorithm

3. Flowchart

4. Utility programs

5. None of the above

ANS (1)-Computer program

Q7.A memory bus is mainly used for communication between?

1. Processor and memory

2. Processor and I/O devices

3. I/O devices and memory

4. Input device and output device

5. None of the above

ANS (1)-Processor and memory

Q8.What is the name of the computer terminal which gives paper printout?

1. Display screen

2. Soft copy terminal

3. Hard copy terminal

4. Plotter

5. None of the above

ANS (3)-Hard copy terminal

Q9.Which of the following is non-impact printer?

1. Drum printer

2. Line printer

3. Chain printer

4. Laser printer

5. None of the above

ANS (4)-Laser printer

Q10.Which of the following memories needs refresh?



3. ROM

4. All of the above

5. None of the above


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