English Vocab

1. Grotesque (noun): A very ugly or comically distorted figure or image. (कुरूप, भद्दा)
Synonyms: Unaesthetic, Repugnant, Repulsive, Bizarre, Hideous,
Antonyms: Attractive, Beautiful, Aesthetic  Comely
Example: That bloody Halloween mask is grotesque.
2. Formidable (adj): Causing you to have fear or
respect for something or someone because. that thing or person is large, powerful, or difficult. (भयावह, भयंकर)   
Synonyms: Intimidating, Forbidding, Daunting, Fearsome,
Antonyms: Nonintimidating, Nonthreatening
Example:: Josh was no stranger to a fistfight, and he was considered by many to be a formidable opponent.
3. Conflagration (noun): An extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property. (आग, अग्निकांड)
Synonyms: Inferno, Holocaust, Blaze, Flame
Example: The conflagration destroyed the warehouses.
4. Every nook and cranny (idiom): Every part or section of a given lace, especially those that are hard to see or reach. (एक जगह का हर हिस्सा)
Synonyms: Everywhere, Every Place, Systemic, Throughout
ExampleEvery nook or cranny of thishouse needs to be clean when Grandma comes to visit.
5. Ignoble (adj): Not honourable in character or purpose. (नीच)
Synonyms: Despicable, Dastardly,  Execrable, Sordid
Antonyms: Respectable,  Honorable, ,  Lofty , Venerable, Virtuous
Example: Since the criminal showed no remorse for his ignoble deeds, the judge sentenced him to life in prison.
6. Prophetic (adj): Accurately predicting what will happen in the future. (भविष्यसूचक)
Synonyms: Predictive , Portentous, Oracular, Prescient, Apocalyptic
 Example: His warnings proved prophetic.
7. Subjugation (verb): The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control. (दमन, पराजय)
Synonyms: Conquest, Subjection, Conquering, Oppression
Antonyms: Liberation, Emancipation, Independence
Example: The colonial subjugation of a country by means of brute military force.
8. Solidarity (noun): Support for each other or for another group, especially in political or international affairs. (एकजुटता)
Synonyms: Unity, Accord, Harmony, Camaraderie, Cohesion
Antonyms: Discord, Disagreement, Dissention 
Example: Supporters want to march tomorrow to show solidarity with their leaders.
9. Docile (adj): Readily giving in to the command or authority of another. (विनम्र, दब्बू, अधीन)
Synonyms: Submissive, Amenable, Compliant, Tractable
Antonyms: Contumacious, Defiant, Forward, Balky
Example: A docile young pony that went wherever it was led.
10. Retribution (noun): The act or an instance of responding to an injury with an injury. (प्रतिकार, बदला)
Synonyms: Reprisal, Requital, Retaliation, Revenge, Vengeance
Antonyms: Clemency, Lenity, Mercy Pardon 
Example: Since the killer had murdered my husband, I found it fitting retribution that he be electrocuted.  
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