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English Vocab

1. Trenchant (adj): So sharp as to cause mental pain: (तीखा, पैना)
Synonyms: Acerbic, Astringent, Mordant, Scathing, Vitriolic.
Antonyms: Kind, Soothing, Appeasing, Mollifying
Example: Sometimes your tone of voice is
so trenchant that you come across as being a mean person.

2. Go against the grain (idiom): Be or do something different from what is normal or natural: (स्वभाव के विरुद्ध होना)
Synonyms: Vary, Contrast, Differ
Example: It goes against the grain for her to spend a lot of money on clothes.

3. Commensurate (adj): Of the same size, extent, or duration as another. (अनुरूप, समान, आनुपातिक)
Synonyms: Equivalent, Corresponding, Comparable, Compatible, Proportionate
Antonyms: Disproportionate, Incomparable, Unequal
Example: A pay increase should commensurate with job performance. 

4. Pique (noun): A feeling of anger, especially caused by someone damaging your feeling of being proud of yourself. (मनमुटाव, नाराजगी)
Synonyms: Resentment, Dudgeon, Indignation, Vexation, Exasperation
Antonyms: Pleasure, Happiness, Delight, Gratification
Example:  In a fit of pique, she slammed the door and walked out of the room.
5. Meddle (verb): Interfere in something that is not one's concern. (हस्तक्षेप करना, दखल देना)
Synonyms: Tamper, Pry, Poke, Interpose
Antonyms: Avoid, Ignore, Disregard
Example: I don't want him meddling in our affairs.
Related: Meddled, Meddled

6. Denizen (noun): An animal, plant, or person that lives in or is often in a particular place. (निवासी, बाशिंदा)
Synonyms: Resident, Dweller, Inhabitant, Natives
Antonyms: Immigrants, Foreigner, Alien
Example: Deer and squirrels are among the denizens of the forest.

7. Incumbent on someone (phrase): Morally binding or necessary. (लाजिमी, अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: Obligatory, Necessary, Compulsory, Required, Essential
Antonyms: Optional, Non-Compulsory, Discretionary
Example: It is incumbent on us all to help the needy

8. Dissident (noun): A person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state. (मतभेद करनेवाला, विरोधी)
Synonyms: Dissenter, Insurgent, Protester, Revolutionary
Antonyms: Conforming, Agreeing
Example: The dissident was jailed for refusing to obey the law.
9. Stifling (adj): (of heat, air, or a room) very hot and causing difficulties in breathing. (दम घुटनेवाला)
Synonyms: Choking, Smothering, Strangling, Suffocating, Suppressing
Antonyms: Resuscitating, Reviving, Ventilated, Invigorating
Example: Since I have respiratory issues, I often find the odour of cigarette smoke to be quite stifling.

10. Bulwark (noun): A defensive wall. (बांध, बचाव दीवार)
Synonyms: Rampart, Fortification, Barricade, Embankment
Example: Vaccines act as a bulwark against many childhood diseases.
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