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English Vocab

1. Engender (verb): Cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition). (पैदा करना, उत्पन्न होना)
Synonyms:  Beget, Provoke, Incite, Kindle, Trigger
Antonyms: Repress, Discourage, Halt, Stop

Example: Some people believe violent video games engender feelings of hostility in young people.
Related: engendered, engendered
2. Emancipation (noun): To set free (as from slavery or confinement). (मुक्ति)
Synonyms: Manumission, Enfranchisement, Liberation, Freedom
 Antonyms: Imprisonment, Enslavement, Incarceration, Internment
 Example:  He felt the only way to emancipate himself from dependence on his parents was to move away.
3. Exigency (noun): A pressing or urgent situation. (ज़रूरत, अत्यावश्यकता)
Synonyms: Urgency, Need, Demand, Requirement, Want
Example: Women worked long hours when the exigencies of the family economy demanded it.      
4. Inevitably (adverb):  As is certain to happen. (अनिवार्य रूप से)
Synonyms:  Necessarily, Inescapably, Unavoidably, Perforce
Antonyms:  Unnecessarily, Avoidably,
Example : As I watched my daughter eat donut after donut, I knew inevitably she would have a tummy ache.
5. Imperative (adj): Incapable of being satisfied. (अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: Critical, Essential, Indispensable, Vital
Antonyms: Dispensable, Inessential, Needless, Nonessential
Example:  proper equipment is imperative for the success of this chemical experiment.
6. Contemporary (adj): Living or occurring at the same time. (समकालीन)
Synonyms: Coeval, Coexistent, Synchronous, Coterminous
Antonyms: Noncontemporary, non-simultaneous, nonsynchronous
Example: The absurd notion that early cave dwellers were contemporary with the dinosaurs.
7. Equity (noun): The quality of being fair and impartial. (अपक्षपात, निष्पक्षता)
Synonyms: Rectitude, Fairness, Integrity, Uprightness
Antonyms: Bias, Partiality, Injustice
Example: A society based on equity and social justice
8. Perpetual (adj): Never ending or changing. (लगातार होने वाला, निरंतर)
Synonyms: Incessant, Eternal , Perennial, Everlasting 
Antonyms: Transient, Ephemeral, Fleeting, Intermittent
Example: King Frost lives in a beautiful palace far to the North, in the land of perpetual snow.
9. Autonomy (noun): The right or condition of self-government. (स्वराज्य, स्वयं शासन)
Synonyms: Independence, Self-Government, Self-Reliance, Freedom
Antonyms: Dependence, Heteronomy, Subjugation
Example: While the federal government has a great deal of power, it has given states some autonomy to govern themselves.
  10. Comprehend (verb): To understand something completely: (अधिनायकवादी, सर्वसत्तावादी)
Synonyms: Grasp, Apprehend, Perceive, Assimilate
Antonyms: Misconstrue, Misinterpret, Misperceive
Example: He doesn't seem to comprehend the scale of the problem.
Related: Comprehended, Comprehended
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