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English Vocab

1. Gory (adj): Involving or showing violence and bloodshed. (रक्तमय, लहूलुहान)
Synonyms: Sanguinary, Slaughterous, Grisly, Gruesome

Antonyms: Pleasant, Charming, Delightful
Example: Neeta doesn't watch too many movies that feature gory violence
2. Heretical (adj): A belief or action that is heretical is one that seriously disagrees with the principles of a particular religion. (धर्म विरोधी, विधर्मिक)
Synonyms: Heterodox, Iconoclastic, Maverick, Nonconformist
Antonyms: Conformist, Conventional, Orthodox
 Example: The Church regards spirit mediums and people claiming to speak to the dead as heretical.
3. Unambiguous (adj): Not open to more than one interpretation. (स्पष्ट, ज़ाहिर)
Synonyms: Unequivocal, Explicit, Lucid, Precise
Antonyms: Clouded, Cryptic, Obfuscated, Obscure
Example: She gave a clear, unambiguous answer.  
4. The fig leaf (idiom): Something used to hide an embarrassing or shameful problem. (छिपाने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया कुछ)
Synonyms: Veil, Cloak, Mask, Curtain 
Antonyms: Exposition, Showing, Reality, Truth
Example : Gary used humor as a fig leaf to conceal the fact thathe was struggling with depression.
5. Insatiable (adj): Incapable of being satisfied. (अतिलोभी, अतृप्य)
Synonyms: Gluttonous, Quenchless, Voracious, Ravenous
Antonyms: Satisfiable, Satiable, Fulfilled, Appeaseable
Example: Phil  had an insatiable desire for wealth.
6. Liquidate (verb): Kill (someone), typically by violent means. (नष्ट करना, मार दालना)
Synonyms: Eliminate, Exterminate, Annihilate, Kill, Assassinate
Antonyms: Restore, Resurrect, Resuscitate, Revive
Example: They have not hesitated in the past to liquidate their rivals
Related: Liquidated, Liquidated
7. Dissident (adj): In opposition to official policy. (असहमत)
Synonyms: Recuse, Schismatic, Heterodox
Antonyms: Conforming, Agreeing
Example: The dissident was jailed for refusing to obey the law.
8. Defiant (adj): Proudly refusing to obey authority. (अवज्ञाकारी, विद्रोही)
Synonyms: Recalcitrant, Contumacious, Disobedient, Intransigent  
Antonyms: Amenable, Compliant, Conformable, Docile
Example: Despite the risk of suspension, he remained defiant.
9. Unabashed (adj): Without any worry about possible criticism or embarrassment: (अविचलित, बेपरवाह, निर्लज्ज)
Synonyms: Brazen, Blatant, Unashamed, Unembarrassed
Antonyms: Ashamed, Embarrassed, Sheepish
ExampleUnabashed by their booing and hissing, he continued with his musical performance.
10. Totalitarian (adj): Relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. (अधिनायकवादी, सर्वसत्तावादी)
Synonyms: Authoritarian, Autarchic, Dictatorial, Tyrannical, Repressive
Antonyms: Democratic, Liberal
Example: Religions and cultures that take away the rights of women are totalitarian in nature.
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