English Vocab

1. Fetish (noun): Excessive or irrational devotion to some activity. (अंधभक्ति, आवश्यकता से अधिक ध्यान देना)
Synonyms: Obsession, Mania, Fixation, Craze

Antonyms: Unconcerned, Indifference, Hatred, Nonchalance
Example: Dieting seems to be a fetish with some people
2. Panopticon (noun): A circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed. (गोल कैदखाना, गोलाकार जेल)
Synonyms: Prison, Penitentiary, Calaboose, Jail
Antonyms: Outside, Release, Freedom
Example: He was engaged in negotiations with the government for the erection of a “Panopticon,” for the central inspection of convicts;
3. Paranoid (adjective): Feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you: (पागलपन-संबंधी, संविभ्रम रोगी)
Synonyms: Neurotic, Psychotic, Fearful, Suspicious, Unstable
Antonyms: Stable, Normal, Sane
Example: He was so paranoid that he was afraid to walk the streets.
4. Abstraction (adverb): Something imagined or pictured in the mind. (कल्पना, ख़याल)
Synonyms: Cogitation, Concept, Idea, Impression, Notion,
Antonyms: Actuality, Fact, Reality
Example: To people who have lived under one dictatorship after another, democracy and freedom are mere abstractions.
5. Parochialism (noun): A limited or narrow outlook, especially focused on a local area. (प्रांतीयता, संकीर्णता)
Synonyms: Narrow-Mindedness, Localism, Provincialism, Insularity
Antonyms: Broad-mindedness, Liberalism
Example: Let our cultural and ethnic diversity be a source of pride and strength, notparochialism and conflict.
6. Detention (noun): The action of detaining someone or the state of being detained in official custody. (कारावास, कैद)
Synonyms: Custody, Imprisonment, Confinement, Incarceration, Internment
Antonyms: Emancipation, Freedom, Liberation
Example: The fifteen people arrested were still in police detention
7. Triage (noun): The process of examining problems in order to decide which ones are the most serious and must be dealt with first. (आपातकाल में कार्यवाही की प्राथमिकता का निर्धारण)
Synonyms:  Sort, Organise, Prioritise, Classify
Antonyms: Disorder, Disorganise, Disarrange, Mix-Up
Example: Nurses do triage in the emergency room.
8. Dispensable (noun): Something not really needed and able to be replaced or done without. (छोड़ने के योग्य, अनावश्यक)
Synonyms: Expendable, Disposable, Superfluous, Needless
Antonyms: Necessary, Vital, Crucial, Essential
Example: Computers have made typewriters dispensable.
9. Gulag (noun): A prison camp where conditions are extremely bad and the prisoners are forced to work very hard. (अपराधों के दोषी पाए गए लोगों के लिए गंभीर कार्य जेल)
Synonyms: Prison Camp, Labor Camp, Internment Camp, Servitude, Slavery
Example: About half of political prisoners in the Gulag camps were imprisoned without trial
 10. Maschevillian (adjective): Using clever but often dishonest methods that deceive people so that you can win power or control. (कपटी, धूर्त, चालाक)
Synonyms: Cunning, Devious, Insidious, Conniving, Deceitful
Antonyms: Ethical, Moral, Principled, Scrupulous
Example: During the war, the spy used Machiavellian strategies to steal military secrets.
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