English Vocab

1. Bicker (verb): Argue about petty and trivial matters. (झगड़ना)
Synonyms: Altercate, Squabble, Tiff, Wrangle
Antonyms: Accept, Agree, Assent, Concur, Consent

Example: If you two don't stop bickering about where to go to eat, we're not going out at all!
2. Contour (noun): An outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something. (रूप-रेखा)
Synonyms: Outline, Shape, Form; Figure; Silhouette, Profile
Example: The map showed the contour of the coastline.
3. Amnesia (noun): A partial or total loss of memory. (भूलने की बीमारी, स्मृति-शक्ति का लोप)
Synonyms: blackout, oblivion, stupor, fugue
Antonyms:   anamnesis, recall, mnemonic, memorisation
Example:  Bob sustained brain damage from the fall, which caused amnesia to set in.
4. Tapestry (noun): A heavy handwoven reversible textile with pictorial designs used for hangings, curtains. (कपड़ा जिसमे चित्र बने हो)
Synonyms: Draper, Brocade, Arras, Embroidery
Example: Mitchell creates tapestries that depict river landscapes.
5. Missionary (noun): A person who has been sent to a foreign country to teach their religion to the people. (धर्म-प्रचारक)
Synonyms: Evangelist, Apostle, Proselytizer, Preacher, 
Example: The missionary spent hours every day going door to door, handing out religious pamphlets and books.
6. Resilience (noun): The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. (लचीलापन, पलटाव)
Synonyms: Elasticity, Flexibility, Suppleness, Pliability
Antonyms: Fragility, Rigidity, Weakness, Vulnerability
Example: Despite a cancer diagnosis, Mary would remain resilient and fight until the very end.
7. Stigma (noun): A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. (कलंक, लांछन)
Synonyms: Slur, Smirch, Smudge, Shame
Antonyms: Pride, Honour, Credit, Respect
Example: Once upon a time, the stigma of being an unwed mother led many young women to attempt suicide.
8. Factional (adj): Involving two or more small groups from within a larger group. (गुटीय, दलसंबंधी)
Synonyms: Sectarian, Partisan, Cliquish, Clannish
Antonyms: Conforming, Agreeing, Similar
ExampleFactional disputes between the various groups that make up the leadership.
9. Cliche (noun): A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. (चलन से बाहर हुआ मुहावरा)
Synonyms: Platitude, Hackneyed, Commonplace, Banality, Truism
Antonyms: Extraordinary, Exceptional, Peculiar, Profundity
Example: Come up with something new because your argument is just a cliché I’ve heard a thousand times.
10. Nit-picking (noun): Minute and usually unjustified criticism. (अवगुण ढूंढ़ना)
Synonyms: Finicky, Fastidious, Captious, Carping
Antonyms: Applauding, Commending, Complimenting, Praising
Example: Does anyone else notice how judges will nitpick about the littlest mistakes on competition shows?
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