English Vocab

1. Portent (noun): A sign or warning that a momentous or calamitous event is likely to happen. (सगुन)
Synonyms: Omen, Presage, Harbinger, Foreboding,
Indication, Threat
Example: To many people, a crow is a portent of death.
2. Resurrect (verb): Restore (a dead person) to life. (मरे हुए को जीवित करना)
Synonyms: Resuscitate, Rejuvenate, Restore, Rekindle
Antonyms: Extinguish, Kill, Quench, Suppress
Example: He is trying to resurrect his acting career.
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3. Offer the olive branch (idiom): To extend an offer or gesture of peace, reconciliation, truce, etc. (to someone), so as to end a disagreement or dispute. (शान्ति का प्रस्ताव)
Synonyms: Truce, Armistice, Treaty, Settlement, Parley
Example:  He held out an olive branch to the opposition by releasing 42 political prisoners.
4. Lull into (phrase): To make someone feel safe in order to trick them: (भरोसेमंदता में धोखा)
Synonyms: Dupe, Beguile, Cozen, Hoodwink, Delude
Antonyms: Be Honest, Disillusion, Undeceive
Example: Installing cameras at home lulled me into a false sense of security.
5. Conceive (verb): To bring a thought or idea into being; imagine. (कल्पना करना)
Synonyms: Envisage, Envision, Fantasize, Perceive, Apprehend
Antonyms: Misapprehend, Misconceive, Misconstrue, Misinterpret, Misperceive
Example: When they talk about billions of dollars, I can’t even conceive of that much money.
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6. Prevailing (adj): Existing in a particular place or at a particular time: (प्रचलित)
Synonyms:  Prevalent, Predominant, Widespread, Rife
Antonyms: Uncommon, Unpopular
Example: The prevailing view is that economic growth is likely to slow down.
7. Paradigm (noun): A typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model. (मिसाल, उदाहरण)
Synonyms: Prototype, Epitome, Exemplar, Paragon, Quintessence
Example: Sister Mary Catherine is considered a paradigm of virtue by everyone in the church.
8. Disgruntled (adj): Angry or dissatisfied. (ख़फ़ा, असंतुष्ट)
Synonyms: Peeved, Piqued, Irked, Dissatisfied, Displeased
Antonyms:  Content, Gratified, Pleased, Satisfied
Example: The players were disgruntled with the umpire.
9. Redress (verb): To make a situation fairer and more equal: (सुधार करना)
Synonyms: Remedy, Amends, Compensation, Indemnity
Antonyms: Penalty, Harm, Injure
Example: The new skis were certainly an adequate redress for the lost snowboard
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10. Aggravate (verb): Make (a problem, injury, or offence) worse or more serious. (बदतर करना, और बढ़ा देना)
Synonyms: Exasperate, Exacerbate, Infuriate,
Antonyms: Alleviate, Improve, Ameliorate, Mitigate
Example: I left the party early so the noise would not aggravate my headache.
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