English Vocab

1. Aghast (adjective): Filled with horror or shock (भौचक्का / विस्मित)
Synonyms: Astonished, Confounded, Afraid, Scared, Bewildered, Amazed

Antonyms: Unsurprised, Nonchalant, Composed, Serene, Placid
Example: When the magician did his disappearing trick, the speechless audience was aghast.
2. Fillip (noun): Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity (प्रोत्साहन)
Synonyms: Incentive, Encouragement, Stimulation, Boost
Antonyms: Dampen, Dishearten, Demoralise, Curb, Restriction
Example: The halving of car tax would provide a fillip to sales.
3. Intractable (adjective): Hard to control or deal with. (नियंत्रण के बाहर /अप्रबंध्य)
Synonyms: Unmanageable, Uncontrollable, Ungovernable, Difficult, Awkward, Complex, Rude
Antonyms: Manageable, Governable, Submissive
Example:  Additional police officers were called to the scene when the crowd became intractable.
4. Etiquette (noun): The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group (शिष्टाचार)
Synonyms: Courtesy, Decorum, Decency, Protocol
Antonyms: Impropriety, Discourtesy, Immorality, Impoliteness, Rudeness
Example: The man was asked to leave when he displayed a complete lack of proper etiquette.
5. Aphorism (noun): A pithy observation which contains a general truth. (कहावत)
Synonyms: Saying, Adage, Proverb, Maxim, Dictum
Antonyms: Absurdity, Ambiguity, Foolishness, Nonsense
Example: The popular aphorism gives advice in a manner that is both witty and concise.
6. Mercurial (adjective): Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind (अस्थिर / क्षणिक बुद्धि)
Synonyms: Changeable, Erratic, Impulsive, Unpredictable, Unstable, Shaky, Volatile
Antonyms: Certain, Constant, Predictable, Stable, Steady, Reliable
Example: As my sister has mercurial moods, we never know how she will be feeling from one moment to the next.
7. Entente (noun): A friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions (सौहार्द)
Synonyms: Cordiality, Comity, Amicability, Amicableness, Camaraderie
Antonyms: Disagreement, Misunderstanding
Example: This new entente with Great Britain, cemented by a visit paid by Prime Minister.
8. Chasm (noun): A profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc(खाई / मनोबृत्ति का भेद)
Synonyms: Ditch, Moat, Gulf, Entrenchment, Riffle, Alienation, Abysm
Antonyms: Closure, Juncture, Remembrance, Closing
Example: The consequence was the rapid extension and widening of the chasm that divided the people.
9. Gloss (noun): A superficially attractive appearance or impression (चमक / व्याख्या)
Synonyms: Brightness, Luster, Brilliance, Effulgence, Glaze, Gleam
Antonyms: Misinformation, Dullness, Sloth, Blur
Example:  The skins from northern regions are more full and of a finer colour and gloss than those from more temperate climates, as are those of animals killed in winter compared to the same individuals in summer.
10. Staid (adjective): Calm, dignified, and unhurried (शांत / स्थिर)
Synonyms: Dignified, Solemn, Sedate, Sober, Tranquil
Antonyms: Excited, Adventurous, Sporting
Example: Since my aunt is a nun, she always wears such a staid look on her face.
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