English Vocab

1. Meddle (verb): Interfere in something that is not one's concern. (हस्तक्षेप करना, दखल देना)
Synonyms: Intrude, Interfere, Tamper, Pry
Antonyms:  Disregard, Ignore, Avoid

Example: I don't want him meddling in our affairs.
Related: Meddled, Meddled
2. Suborn (verb): Successfully influence a person to commit a crime or do something wrong. (फुसलाकर झूठी गवाही दिलवाना, गलत काम करने के लिए उकसाना)
Synonyms: Bribe, Instigate, Incite, Procure, Abet
Example: He was accused of conspiring to suborn witnesses
Related: Suborned, Suborned
3. Plummet (verb): Fall or drop straight down at high speed. (तेज़ी से गिरना)
Synonyms: Decline, Descend, Drop, Fall, Plunge, Tumble
Antonyms: Arise, Ascend, Lift, Mount, Soar, Spike
Example: The parachute failed to open and he plummeted to the ground
Related: Plummeted, Plummeted
4. Endowment (noun): Income or property that is given to someone. (प्रदायन, वृत्तिदान, चंदा)
Synonyms: Donation, Grant, Bequest, Funding, Stipend
Example: In an effort to assist my son as he buys his first home, I provided him with a significant monetaryendowment.
5. Balk at (phrase): To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. (जी चुराना, अनिच्छा दिखाना)
Synonyms: Disapprove, Repudiate, Spurn, Refuse, Reluctant
Antonyms: Approve, Consent, Agree
Example: My dog balked at leaving the park.
6. Condone (verb): To dismiss as of little importance. (अनदेखी करना, जाने देना)
Synonyms: Excuse, Forgive, Pardon, Overlook, Disregard, Tolerate
Antonyms: Condemn, Censure, Punish
Example: If the government is seen to condone violence, the bloodshed will never stop.
Related: Condoned, Condoned
7. Detente (noun): An improvement in the relationship between two countries that in the past were not friendly and did not trust each other: (अमन की स्थिति, शांति बनाए रखने)
Synonyms: Rapprochment, Reconcilement, Reunion, Harmonisation
Antonyms: Antagonism, Hostility, Enmity
Example: The talks are aimed at furthering détente between the two countries.
8. Spurious (adjective): Not being what it purports to be; false or fake. (जाली, नक़ली)
Synonyms: Counterfeit, Bogus, Sham, Specious
Antonyms: Genuuine, Real, Authentic
Example: To win elections, politicians often make spurious promises to voters.
9. Incumbent (adjective): The holder of an office or post. (पदधारी, सत्तासीन व्यक्ति)
Synonyms: Office-holder, Occupant, Officer, Official, Office-bearer
Example: The present incumbent is due to retire next month.
10. Occlude (verb): To block something (an opening, orifice, or passage). (रोक देना, बंद करना)
Synonyms: Clog, Choke, Congest, Plug, Block
Antonyms: Clear, Unblock, Open, Free, Unclog
Example: Veins can get occluded by blood clots.
Related: Occluded, Occluded
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