English Vocab

1. Bemoan (verb): To complain or express sadness about something: (शोक करनादुखप्रकट करना)
Synonyms: Lament, Bewail, Deplore, Grieve
Antonyms: Rejoice, Exult, Gloat, Cheer

Example: Because Helen’s injury did not seem to be healing, she began to bemoan her treatment.
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2. Culminate (verb): Each a climax or point of highest development. (समापन होना,पराकाष्ठा पर पहुँचना)
Synonyms: Conclude, Terminate, Finish, Wind Up
Antonyms: Commence, Begin, Start, Inaugurate
Example: My arguments with the boss got worse and worse, and finally culminated in my resignation.
3. Impoverished (adjective): Lacking money or material possessions. (गरीबकंगाल)
Synonyms: Destitute, Impecunious, Penurious, Broke, Poor
Antonyms: Affluent, Luxuriant, Opulent, Copious
Example: The impoverished man could not afford to send his daughter to summer camp.
4. Suburb (noun): An outlying district of a city, especially a residential one. (उपनगर,शहर का बाहरी भाग)
Synonyms: Outskirts, Hamlet, Fringe, Periphery
Antonyms: Centre, Metropolis, Downtown
Example: Realtors usually steer families to the suburb of a city so that they can buy a bigger house with yard space.
5. Proliferation (noun): Rapid increase in the number or amount of something. (प्रसार,तीव्र वृद्धि)
Synonyms: Reproduction, Augmentation, Propagation, Escalation
Antonyms: Abatement, Decrement, Decline, Diminution
Example: Small businesses have proliferated in the last ten years.
6. Redemption (noun): The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. (मोचनपाप मुक्ति)
Synonyms: Salvation, Rescue, Atonement, Emancipation
Antonyms: Endanger, Jeopardize, Abandon, Imperil
Example: God's plans for the redemption of his world.
7. Peculiarity (noun): A strange or unusual feature or habit. (अनोखापनविशेषता,ख़ासियत)
Synonyms: Feature, Trait, Idiosyncracy, Attribute,
Antonyms: Normality, Usualness, Simplicity, Sameness
Example: Wearing a wide-brimmed red hat and a bright flowery outfit, the peculiarityof the woman caught everyone’s attention
8. Umpteen (adjective): Indefinitely many; a lot of. (अनेकबहुत)
Synonyms: Numerous, Innumerable, Multitudinous, Myriad,
Antonyms: Fewer, Little, Some, Limited
Example: We've been there umpteen times and she still can't remember the way.
9. Contemporary (adjective): Belonging to or occurring in the present. (आधुनिक,समकालीन)
Synonyms: Modern, Present-Day, Coeval, Concurrent
Antonyms: Old-Fashioned, Archaic, Obsolete
ExampleContemporary medicine is much more effective than the medicines produced twenty years ago.
10. Emulate (adjective): Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation. (बराबरी करनाअनुकरण करनाकी तरह काम करना)
Synonyms: Imitate, Mimic, Copy, Follow
Antonyms: Reverse, Oppose, Be Original
Example: Most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great
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