English Vocab

1. Endeavour-(noun)-A n attempt to achieve a goal. (प्रयत्न करनाप्रयास करना)
Synonyms-Enture, Undertake, Aspire, Seek, Strive
Antonyms-Drop, Give Up, Quit

Examples-The school endeavors to teach students to be good citizens.
2. Overhaul -(noun/verb)-A thorough examination of machinery or a system, with repairs or changes made if necessary. (पूरी जाँच करके मरम्मत करना)
Synonyms-Mend, Rebuild, Renovate, Revamp
Examples-A major overhaul of environmental policies.
3. Remit-(noun)- The task or area of activity officially assigned to an individual or organization. (सीमा,दायरा)
Synonyms-Orbit, Scope, Ambit, Province, Territory
Examples-The committee was becoming caught up in issues that did not fall within its remit.
4. Imminent-(adjective)-About to happen. (अभी होने वालानिकट का)
Synonyms-Impending, Looming, Pending, Threatening
Antonyms-Late, Recent
Examples-Those clouds mean rain is imminent.
5. Steadily-(adverb)-Firm in one's allegiance to someone or somethingण्‍ (लगातारनिरंतर)
Synonyms-Constant, Dedicated, Devoted, Devout
Antonyms- Fickle, Inconstant, Perfidious, Recreant
Examples-Even as wild accusations were circulating, she remained steady in her support for the candidate.
6. Plague-(verb)-To cause persistent suffering toण्‍ (पीड़ा देनात्रस्त करनामहामारी)
Synonyms-Afflict, Agonize, Besiege, Excruciate
Antonyms-Abet, Aid, Assist, Help
Examples-Plagued by a cough for all of last week
Related: plaqued, plaqued
7. Lethargy-(noun)-Physical or mental inertnessण्‍ (आलस्यमन्दता)
Synonyms-Languor, Lassitude, Stupor, Torpor
Antonyms-Vigor, Vim, Vitality, Vivacity
Examples-I snapped out of my lethargy and got to work.
8. Prerequisite-(noun/adjective)-Required as a prior condition. (पहली आवश्यकता)
Synonyms-Precondition, Condition, Requirement, Requisite
Antonyms-Unnecessary, Non-Essential
Examples-Training is a prerequisite for competence
9. Diktats-(noun)-An order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent. (अलोकप्रियऔर कड़ा आदेश)
Synonyms- Decree, Order
Examples-The company president issued a diktat that employees may not wear jeans to work.
10. Anonymity-(noun)- The quality or state of being anonymousण्‍ (गुमनामी)
Synonyms - Oblivion, Inconspicuousness, Invisibility
Antonyms- Celebrity, Fame, Notoriety, Renown
Examples-She enjoyed the anonymity of life in a large city.
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